TCL Launches Best Gaming TV to Date in the Form of New QLED 4K TV – The TCL C745 – Promising Enhanced Display and High Refresh Rates for Superior Gameplay.

Riyadh – July 17, 2023: TCL Electronics (1070.HK), the global top 2 TV brand and top 1 98-inch TV brand, today announced the launch of its brand new QLED 4K TV, the TCL C745. With impressively high refresh rates, super-low latency and best-in-class audio-visual performance, TCL’s most advanced gaming TV is now available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 85” models in leading retailers near you.

High Speed and Smooth Motion for Elevated Game Play: With an industry-leading refresh rate of 144Hz VRR, the TCL C745 promises next-level gaming with the smoothest streaming ensuring no distractions for a totally immersive experience. The real 144Hz VRR displays also provide better resolution for crisper visuals, so you can experience all the action without zigzagging, tearing, or blurring.

Gaming enthusiasts will also appreciate Game Master 2.0 – a series of pre-programmed settings that optimize all aspects of gameplay:
• The revolutionary 144Hz variable refresh rate brings user to a smooth stunning gaming experience.
• The ALLM (Low Latency Mode) automatically reduces response time to around 6.5ms of input lag. You are always ahead of your enemies.
• With Shadow Enhancement, you may always be the first to discover what lurks in the deepest shadows, destroy the enemy’s trap, and, most importantly, win the battle.

Users will enter game mode automatically when a game signal is recognized, unlocking advanced display and audio technology for a feeling of escapism like no other.

With the capacity to support multi-HDR formats such as Dolby Vison IQ and HDR10+, the TCL C745 can adapt to almost any game source. Coupled with AMD Free Sync Premium Pro promising seamless, artifact-free gameplay at almost any frame rate, users can expect the next breakthrough in PC and console gaming.

Advanced Display technology for Lifelike Detail and Depth: C745 supports fine control of each LED backlight offering the industry’s first optical image microstructure for superior visibility on the gaming battlefield. What’s more, with full array local dimming zones can be adjusted independently across the display as opposed to edge-lit dimming that can only dim in horizontal bands. Light intensity in specific areas of the screen is reduced to improve the overall contrast ratio and create better brightness and color uniformity.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the most realistic viewing experience, the AiPQ Processor 3.0 uses intelligent algorithms to identify and classify image content, automatically adjusting quality parameters from the four dimensions of brightness, contrast, colour, and definition. This use of AI combined with human perception characteristics of various elements, ensures the TCL C745 provides the most true-to-life visuals, transporting you from one fantasy world to the next.

Gaming in Dolby Vision applies in-depth knowledge of cinematic worthy visuals to meet the needs of gamers. Through HDR 1000nits high brightness and 93% DCI-P3 wide colour gamut, C745 offers wide range of brightness performance as well as diverse colour presentations. Meanwhile, it’s Dolby Vision allows the user to access every bit of detail and depth a game has to offer.

Soak Up the Atmosphere by Bathing in Sound: For gaming to be truly immersive, users must also be enveloped by hyper-realistic sound. With Dolby Atmos, the highest audio certificate from Dolby, the TCL C745 provides the most authentic 3D surround-sound experience. Going beyond just left and right channels, sound mixed in Dolby Atmos delivers multidimensional audio, ensuring incredible clarity and detail that allows you to be fully at one with your fictional surroundings.

This state-of-the-art audio combined with exceptional display technology has awarded the TCL C745 with an IMAX Enhanced certification. With the highest certification standards in calibration, resolution, colour, brightness, contrast, frame, and sound performance users can take online escapism to new realms as they lose themselves in an immersive, cinematic experience.

Better still, featuring the most recent HDMI 2.1, the TCL C745 can support a range of higher video resolutions and refresh rates.