Jeddah: The three stalwarts of WPCA, Sohail Bhai, Khaleel Bhai and Zubair Sunasra along with one friend and colleague of Sohail Bhai working at the Grounds. The waterlogging on Ground # 2 and Ground # 5 was released by opening the waterway. If they would not be open, it would have been difficult to start matches even coming Friday. Anyway, one can easily the trash collected at various places inside the WPCA Arena is being cleared and cleaning is being done.

Once again Hats off to my friends, Sohail Bhai, Khaleel Bhai, and Zubair Sunasra devoted their valuable time and ensured that the Grounds are ready at least for the next week. The job is yet to be over. As after the grounds are all dry, they will have to put the markings for the Internal circle and boundaries. Because of the rain, the markings have completely vanished, so for the 30-yard circle marking, once again we will have to take the proper measurements which are more work than the usual markings. Jazakallah ul Khair Sohail Bhai, Khaleel Bhai, Zubair Sunasra and friends for their untiring efforts and devotion to the job and commitment to the great game of cricket.

Ground maintenance is not a joke or easy. I am here in my clinic office, sitting comfortably in a cosy and cool room and commenting, but to work on the grounds under such unfavourable conditions is really a marvellous job. WPCA or anyone else can not compensate them in any way, but I very humbly pray to the Almighty Allah to reward these gentlemen. Aameen. Jazakallah ul Khair.

The Water logging on WPCA Grounds is because of the Heavy Rain lashed last Thursday in Jeddah. WPCA Cricket grounds in the City of Jeddah in Waziriyah District have a total of NINE grounds. But the Water logging remained for 3 days as in other Grounds the Water dried in the last 2 days. However, apart from Ground 2 and ground 5, a few other Grounds are still not usable and no Play is possible at least for another 3 days. Even after Drying the Grounds, a lot of basic Ground work remains including the rolling, Cleaning and Markings which may take another 2 to 3 days to complete after the Grounds are fully Dried Up.
Wpca Ground Maintenance Team is trying their best to get the Grounds ready for Next Friday’s matches. It looks like a herculean task at the moment but the WPCA Team is capable of doing this. May Allah help them in this endeavour.


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