Pakistan’s Economy and Political uncertainty.

by: Muhammad Shafiq Achakzai
CEO Muhammad Shafiq and Brothers (Private) Limited & ASL (Private) Limited Former SV President Chaman Chamber Of Commerce & Industry.

Pakistan’s Economy would not default But Political uncertainty and bad governance including IMF bale Packages can ruin Trade and Agriculture sectors as well as the public,

There are a lot of potentials in Pakistan that need the right direction and use with the help of the Government of Pakistan,

The Government has to give a smooth and long-term trade policy in which export items need to be facilitated and discourage the import of unnecessary luxury items to save 4 billion dollars in remittances same as we import est. 3 billion US$  unnecessary items like animals food, coffee, and confectionary items.

The Federal Government should facilitate the Traders to export Pakistani products. The federal government should facilitate the Transit Trade with Neighbors countries including ECO-ECA countries by taking stakeholders from all respective regions.

Economical stability is impossible without the coordination of the Pakistan Business community & agricultural community which are familiar with facts, and findings on the ground.


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