‘’8th November, the Victory Day of Azerbaijan’’

Written by: Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram Executive Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF), Islamabad.
Each year on 8th November, Azerbaijan celebrates the great victory day on which Armenia accepted defeat and ended six weeks of fighting in the Karabakh region. This historic day marks a triumph for not only the people of Azerbaijan but also for regional peace. The 44-day war ended with the trilateral ceasefire agreement. Since then, Azerbaijan has been working tirelessly to develop its liberated territories. The due credit for this success directly goes to President Ilham Aliyev, the supreme leader of the country, whose prudence, strategic thinking, and firmness have resulted in liberating the areas from illegal Armenian occupation and restoring peace.

He is a man with pure wisdom and statesmanship. The visionary policies clearly reflected the determination, resolve and boundless commitment to historical heritage and culture. Today, the Republic of Azerbaijan, as a state that has restored its territorial integrity, is experiencing the time of most significant redevelopment.

It has championed internationalism, stood on the right side of history and the progressive side of humanity, and contributed to global peace and development. All these major developments were made possible due to President Aliyev’s far-sightedness and visions that have helped the nation to become more resilient. On this occasion, Pakistan stands firmly with its brotherly country in each of its voyage and supports the cause of humanity and justice.

The Karabakh War reshaped the geopolitical landscape of the South Caucasus region and Azerbaijan regained its territories and historic justice was restored. What is transpiring in the region at the moment will decide its future for many decades to come. Peace, prosperity, and inclusive development in the long-fragmented South Caucasus region may take shape through the normalization of relations and proper communication between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Now, Armenia must show sincerity and remain true to the cause of humanity and peaceful co-existence. Constant violation of truce agreements, sponsoring terrorism, igniting conflicts, and non-provision of landmine maps clearly manifest Yerevan’s pessimistic approach and offensive realist policies. Armenian belligerence towards Azerbaijan will be detrimental to regional peace and security. Thereby, it is crucial that Yerevan leadership join hands with Azerbaijan, work for mutual benefits, and shed the orthodox notion of confrontational.

A Great Leader Builds Resilient Nation:
After the restoration of its territorial integrity, the government of Azerbaijan started an immense reconstruction effort for critical infrastructure such as highways, railways, and airports in the conflict-affected territories. Alongside these projects, the leadership is devoting significant attention to building smart settlements through innovative and digital solutions to provide comfortable living conditions for the safe return of internally displaced people.

The digitalization of Azerbaijan as an entire country has become one of the top priorities in recent years. The government is increasingly embracing digitalization by developing or outsourcing high-tech industrial technologies to simplify administrative tasks and enhance economic growth.

These visions for grand transformation are coming from President Ilham Aliyev. There are only a few leaders in the comity of nations who have gained popularity due to their successful conduct of statecraft and visionary policies. His Excellency Aliyev has been seen as one of the most powerful and respectable leaders not only in the world but also in the South Caucasus region.

He has been working proactively to foster socio-economic and political developments by implementing major projects. His effective policies and robust initiatives have proved to be a boon for the state in liberating its districts from illegal Armenian occupation. Dynamic leadership seeks happiness for the people and progress for humanity. No matter how the global situation might have changed, Azerbaijan has always pursued the shared human values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom.

The world has come to know the rightful claim of Azerbaijan as it liberated the regions. On this great occasion of 8 November, we wish our brotherly nation Azerbaijan, all the best for its future endeavours and completing reconstruction work. We believe that openness, inclusiveness and mutual learning are the defining features of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy. In this regard, interaction and interdependence are the general trends promoted by the dynamic statesman President Aliyev. This will provide a roadmap to Azerbaijan on its path towards a glorious future and peace in the South Caucasus region.

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