Usman Buzdar and his performance of 3.5 Years of Governance in Punjab.

The Usman Buzdar-led PTI government during its three-and-a-half-year tenure transferred over 3,000 officers against around 421 essential secretariat and field positions in violation of both the tenure policy and the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Anita Turab case.
This musical chair style of governance of the previous government had hardly allowed any key officer in the province to complete his tenure and those transferred repeatedly on the whims and wishes of the rulers were made rolling stones without any reason reflected in the files.
There have been no suo moto notices and no punishments for the violators even though in almost all these premature transfers made in complete disregard of the tenure policy there have been glaring violations of the SC’s Anita Turab case, which barred the government from transferring officers before the completion of their tenure. The SC case had set clear guidelines to protect the tenure of officers but the Buzdar government played havoc with the provincial administration and police by changing officers within weeks and months.
Details available to The News show that the Buzdar government transferred around 1,100 secretaries, director generals, commissioners, deputy commissioners and additional deputy commissioners to the province. The maddening pace of changes was the worst in the Police Department. More than 1,900 senior police officials, including DIGs, regional police officers, city police officers, district police officers and SDPOs, were transferred. According to the record, around 306 DIGs, RPOs, CPOs and DPOs were transferred and more than 1,600 SDPOs were changed during the Usman Buzdar government.
The record reveals that four districts were the major focus of these changes where maximum numbers of transfers and postings occurred. These four districts were Lahore, Gujranwala, Pakpattan and Dera Ghazi Khan. Similarly, Chakwal is the least affected district of these transfers and postings where minimum numbers of officials in the administrative and police departments were transferred. It is relevant to mention here that Punjab during the Buzdar tenure saw five chief secretaries and seven inspectors generals of police. This has never happened before.
During its three-and-a-half-year tenure in Punjab, the Buzdar government changed 216 secretaries in 40 provincial departments. The PTI-led government changed up to 10 secretaries in some departments. On average, every department welcomed more than five secretaries during the Buzdar era. As many as 10 secretaries were changed in the School Education Department. Similarly, nine secretaries were transferred to the Higher Education and Transport Department.
The Management & Professional Development Department, Irrigation Department, Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department and Auqaf & Religious Affairs Department welcomed eight secretaries to the PTI-led government in Punjab. The minimum number of transfers of secretaries in any ministry is three.
The reshuffling in the bureaucracy was not limited to the extent of secretaries, Buzdar also changed 57 commissioners in all 10 Divisions of Punjab. On average, the PTI government changed 5.7, commissioners in every division during its three-and-a-half-year tenure.
Lahore, Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan and Sahiwal are the top four divisions of Punjab where a maximum number of commissioners were transferred. In each of the four divisions, seven commissioners were changed by the Buzdar government. Bahawalpur is the division where the minimum number of (4) commissioners were changed.
Deputy Commissioners
In 36 districts of Punjab, the Buzdar government transferred 198 deputy commissioners in three and a half years. On average, 5.5 DCs were changed in every district during the PTI led government. Dera Ghazi Khan and Gujranwala are the two districts where the maximum number of DCs was changed. Each of the two districts welcomed 8 DCs during the Buzdar tenure. Even the number of transfers in Mianwali and Lahore is less than in DG Khan and Gujranwala.
Chakwal, Multan and Khanewal are the three districts where the minimum number of transfers of DCs took place. Only three Deputy Commissioners have been posted in these districts during the PTI government. There are a few instances where a DC was changed within two months e.g. in Gujranwala Manzoor Hussain was transferred within 58 days of his posting as Deputy Commissioner Gujranwala. In DG Khan and Pakpattan, some DCs were transferred within three months e.g Waqas Rashid was transferred within three months and DC Dera Ghazi Khan and Nauman Yousaf were transferred within three months as DC Pakatan.
The Buzdar government made 306 transfers and postings on top slots in the police department including DIGs, RPOs, CPOs and DPOs in all the districts of Punjab. The Buzdar administration changed 10 DIG operations and 11 SSP operations only in Lahore. After Lahore, Pakpattan is the second district where the maximum number of DPOs was changed as Buzdar transferred nine district police officers during his tenure. In terms of Regional Police Officers (RPOs), Gujranwala is on the top of the list where a maximum (of 8) RPOs were transferred by the Buzdar government. Chakwal is one of the districts where a minimum reshuffle occurred in the Buzdar government as only three DPOs were transferred during this period.
Director Generals
The PTI government transferred 203 Director Generals (DGs) to 47 directorates established in the Punjab government. On average, every directorate was headed by more than 4 DGs during the Buzdar government. The Directorate General of the Anti-Corruption Establishment welcomed a maximum number (8) of DGs during the Buzdar government. Religious Affairs and the Auqaf directorate as well as Protocol directorates were the least impacted directorates where only one DG served in each department during the entire tenure of the Buzdar government.
Additional Deputy Commissioners
The record shows that Buzdar changed 426 Additional Deputy Commissioners (ADCs), including 114 ADCs (General), 28 ADCs (Headquarters), 85 ADCs (F&P) and 199 ADCs (Revenue) in all 36 districts of Punjab. As per the record, the PTI government transferred more than 1,600 SDPOs in all the 36 districts of Punjab, which is a record reshuffling in three and a half years time period.
Below is the list of secretaries who were transferred in all the 40 departments who were transferred during the Buzdar government.
Secretary; Agriculture Department
1- Capt (retd) Muhammad Mahmood; 2-Dr Wasif Khurshid; 3-Asad Rehman Gilani
Secretary; Auqaf & Religious Affairs Department
Ijaz Ahmad; 2-Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman; 3-Gulzar Hussain Shah; 4-Irshad Ahmad; 5-Zahid Saleem Gondal; 6-Raja Khurram Shahzad Umar; 7-Nabeel Javed; and 8-Jawad Akram
Secretary Punjab; Cooperatives Department
1-Khalid Mahmood Ramay; 2-Mansoor Qadir; 3-Ahmad Raza Sarwar; and 4-Fuad Hashim Rabban
Secretary; Communication & Works Department
1-Muhammad Sheheryar Sultan; 2-Tahir Khurshid; and 3-Capt (retd) Asad Ullah Khan
Secretary; Higher Education Department
1-Khalid Saleem; 2-Sarah Saeed; 3-Capt (retd) Muhammad Mahmood; 4-Momin Agha; 5-Raheel Ahmad Siddiqui; 6-Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman; 7-Irum Bukhari; 8-Nadeem Mahbub; and 9-Syed Javed Iqbal Bokhari
Secretary, School Education Department
1-Dr Allah Bakhsh Malik; 2-Ambreen Raza; 3-Imran Sikandar Baloch; 4-Zafar Iqbal; 5- Capt (retd) Muhammad Mahmood; 6-Irum Bukhari; 7-Muhammad Sheheryar Sultan; 8-Sarah Aslam; 9-Ghulam Farid; and 10-Imran Sikandar Baloch
Secretary, Environment Protection Department
1-Zafar Nasrullah Khan; 2-Asad Rehman Gilani; 3-Salman Ijaz; 4-Saima Saeed; 5-Zahid Hussain; and 6-Syed Mubashar Hussain
Secretary, I&C, S&GAD
1-Muhammad Masood Mukhtar; 2-Waqas Ali Mehmood; 3-Wajih Ullah Kundi; 4-Muhammad Masood Mukhtar; 5-Wajih Ullah Kundi; 6-Ehsan Bhutta; and 7-Zaid Bin Maqsood
Secretary, Finance Department
1-Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh; 2-Raheel Ahmad Siddiqui; 3-Muhammad Abdullah Khan Sumbal; 4-Flt Lt (retd) Iftikhar Ali Sahoo; and 5-Iftikar Amjad
Secretary, Food Department
1-Shoukat Ali; 2-Nasim Sadiq; 3-Zafar Nasrullah Khan; 4-Waqas Ali Mehmood; 5-Asad Rehman Gilani; 6-Muhammad Sheheryar Sultan, and 7-Ali Sarfraz Hussain
Secretary, Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department
1-Sqn Ldr (retd) Mian Waheed Ud Din; 2-Muhammad Haroon Ur Rafique; 3-Capt (retd) Asad Ullah Khan; 4-Capt (retd) Muhammad Asif; 5-Capt (retd) Muhammad Mahmood; 6-Capt (retd) Muhammad Asif; 7- Syed Javed Iqbal Bukhari; and 8-Shahid Zaman
Secretary, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
1-Ali Bahadur Qazi; 2-Zahid Akhtar Zaman; 3- Capt (retd) Muhammad Usman: 4-Sarah Aslam, and 5-Imran Sikandar Baloch
Secretary, HUD & PHED
1-Muhammad Khurram Agha; 2-Muhammad Hassan Iqbal; 3-Zafar Nasrullah Khan; 4-Nasim Sadiq; 5-Nadeem Mahbub; and 6-Zafar Nasrullah Khan
Secretary, Human Rights & Minorities Affairs Department
1-Asim Iqbal; 2-Tariq Mahmood; 3-Irshad Ahmad; and 4-Nadeem Ur Rehman
Secretary, Industries Commerce & Investment Department
1-Syed Javed Iqbal Bokhari; 2-Nadeem Ur Rehman; 3-Tahir Khurshid; 4- Capt (retd) Muhammad Zafar Iqbal; 5-Wasif Khurshid; and 6-Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi
Secretary, Information & Culture Department
1-Bilal Ahmad Butt; 2-Momin Agha; and 3-Jahangir Anwar
Secretary, Youth Affairs, Archaeology and Tourism Department
1-Zahid Akhtar Zaman; 2-Ehsan Bhutta; and 3-Nadeem Mahbub
Secretary, Tourism Department
1-Capt (retd) Mushtaq Ahmad; and 2-Asadullah Faiz
Secretary Youth Affairs & Sports Department
1-Fuad Hashim Rabbani; 2-Capt (retd) Noor Ul Amin Mengal; and 3-Muhammad Aamir Jan
Secretary, Irrigation Department
1-Capt (retd) Sher Alam Mahsood; 2-Syed Ali Murtaza; 3-Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi; 4-Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi; 5-Capt (retd) Saif Anjum; 6-Syed Ali Murtaza; 7-Zahid Akhtar Zaman; and 8-Capt (Retd) Saif Anjum
Secretary, Energy Department
1-Asad Rehman Gilani; 2-Sarah Saeed; 3-Muhammad Aamir Jan; 4-Capt (retd) Saqib Zafar, and 5-Muhammad Aamir Jan
Secretary, Labour & Human Resource Department
1-Sarah Aslam; 2-Muhammad Aamir Jan; 3-Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi; 4-Liaqat Ali Chatha; and 5-Muhammad Suhail Shahzad
Secretary, Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education Department
1-Salman Ijaz; 2-Arif Anwar Baloch; 3-Sumaira Samad; 4-Sumaira Samad; and 5-Wajih Ullah Kundi
Secretary, Livestock & Dairy Development Department
1-Capt (retd) Muhammad Mahmood; 2-Muhammad Ahsan Waheed; 3-Zahid Hussain; 4-Nabeel Ahmad Awan; 5-Nadeem Irshad Kayani; 6-Capt (retd) Saqib Zafar; and 7-Naveed Haider Shirazi
Secretary, Local Government & Community Development Department
1-Arif Anwar Baloch; 2-Capt (retd) Saif Anjum; 3-Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi; 4-Tahir Khurshid; 5-Noor Ul Amin Mengal; and 6-Dr Naeem Rauf
Secretary, Management & Professional Development Department
1-Dr Ismat Tahira; 2-Saima Saeed; 4-Alamgir Ahmad Khan; 5-Nadeem Irshad Kayani; 6-Nadeem Mahbub; 7-Ali Tahir; and 8-Nasir Iqbal Malik
Secretary, Mines & Minerals Department
1-Momin Agha; 2-Aamir Ijaz Akbar; 3-Muhammad Hassan Iqbal; and 4-Aamir Ijaz Akbar
Secretary P&D Board
1-Flt Lt (retd) Iftikhar Ali Sahoo; 2-Imran Sikandar Baloch; and 3-Mujahid Sherdil
Secretary, Population Welfare Department
1-Bushra Aman; 2-Muhammad Aamir Jan; 3-Muhammad Hassan Iqbal; 4-Muhammad Masood Mukhtar; and 5-Salman Ijaz
Secretary, Public Prosecution Department
1-Syed Ali Murtaza; 2-Nadeem Aslam Chaudhary; 3-Nabeel Javed; and 4-Nadeem Sarwar
Secretary (Services); S&Gad
1-Ahmad Raza Sarwar; 2-Muhammad Abdullah Khan Sumbal; 3- Muhammad Ilyas; 4-Muhammad Sheheryar Sultan; 5-Saima Saeed; and 6-Muhammad Sheheryar Sultan
Secretary; Excise; Taxation & Narcotics Department
1-Babar Shafi; 2-Capt (Retd) Sher Alam Mahsood; 3-Nabeel Ahmad Awan; 4-Wajih Ullah Kundi; and 5-Waqas Ali Mehmood
Secretary / Director General (O&M) / Regulation; Wing; S&Gad
1-Dr Muhammad Saleh Tahir; and 2-Ahmad Ali Kamboh
Secretary (Archives & Libraries Wing); S&Gad 1-Tahir Yousaf; and 2-Saqib Manan
Secretary Special Education Department 1- Khalid Mahmood; 2-Dr Rashid Mansoor; 3-Syed Javed Iqbal Bokhari; 4-Saima Saeed; 5-Afzaal Ahmad; and 6-Manzoor Hussain
Secretary Social Welfare and Bait-Ul-Maal Department 1-Zahid Akhtar Zaman; 2-Ambreen Raza; Zahid Saleem Gondal; 3-Muhammad Hassan Iqbal; and 4-Sumaira Samad
Secretary Transport Department 1-Muhammad Haroon Ur Rafique; 2-Babar Shafi; 3-Syed Javed Iqbal Bokhari; 4-Asad Rehman Gilani; 5-Muhammad Sheheryar Sultan; 6-Syed Ali Murtaza; 7-Wajih Ullah Kundi; 8-Manzoor Hussain; and 9- Nadir Chattha
Secretary Zakat & Ushr Department 1-Muhammad Hassan Iqbal; 2-Nadeem Mahbub; 3-Aamer Zamir; 4-Asim Iqbal; 5-Syed Javed; Iqbal Bokhari; 6-Salman Ijaz; and 7-Babar Aman Babar
Secretary Women Development Department 1-Bushra Aman; 2- Capt (retd) Atta Muhammad Khan; 3-Sarah Saeed; 4- Irum Bukhari; 5-Nabeel Javed; 6- Ambreen Raza; and 7-Saima Saeed
Secretary; Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department 1-Capt (retd) Saqib Zafar; 2-Momin Agha; 3-Nabeel Ahmad Awan; 4-Muhammad Aamir Jan; 5-Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi; and 6-Ali Jan Khan
Divisional Commissioners Sargodha 1-Nadeem Mahbub; 2-Capt (retd) Muhammad Zafar Iqbal; 3-Mahmood Hassan; 4- Zafar Iqbal; 5-Dr Farah Masood; and 6-Nabeel Javed
Divisional Commissioner Multan 1-Imran Sikandar Baloch; 2-Flt Lt (retd) Iftikhar Ali Sahoo; 3-Shan Ul Haq; 4-Javed Akhtar Mahmood; and 5-Irshad Ahmad
Divisional Commissioner Lahore 1-Muhammad Abdullah Khan Sumbal; 2- Dr Muhammad Mujtaba Piracha; 3-Muhammad Asif Bilal Lodhi; 4-Capt (retd) Saif Anjum; 5-Muhammad Asif Bilal Lodhi; 6- Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman; and 7-Capt (retd) Muhammad Usman
Divisional Commissioner Gujranwala 1-Asadullah Faiz; 2-Waqas Ali Mehmood; 3-Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman; 4-Zahid Akhtar Zaman; 5-Gulzar Hussain Shah; 6-Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman; and 7-Ehsan Bhutta
Divisional Commissioner; Dera Ghazi Khan 1-Gulzar Ahmed; Tahir Khurshid; 2-Asadullah Faiz; 3-Muddassir Riaz Malik; 4-Nasim Sadiq; 5-Sajid Zafar Dall; 6-Sarah Aslam; and 7-Liaqat Ali Chatha
Divisional Commissioners Rawalpindi 1-Nadeem Aslam Chaudhary; Capt (retd) Saif Anjum; 2-Joudat Ayaz; 3-Capt (retd) Saqib Zafar; 4-Capt (retd) Muhammad Mahmood; 5-Gulzar Hussain Shah; and 6-Capt (retd) Noor Ul Amin Mengal
Divisional Commissioners Bahawalpur 1-Capt (retd) Saqib Zafar; 2-Nayyer Iqbal; 3-Asif Iqbal; and 4-Capt (retd) Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
Divisional Commissioners Sahiwal 1-Ali Bahadur Qazi; 2-Dr Farah Masood; 3-Arif Anwar Baloch; 4-Nadeem Ur Rehman; 5-Muhammad Ahsan Waheed; 6-Nadir Chattha; and 7-Ali Bahadur Qazi
Divisional Commissioners Faisalabad 1-Momin Agha; 2-Asif Iqbal; 3-Mahmood Javed Bhatti; 4-Ishrat Ali; 5-Saqib Manan; and 6-Zahid Hussain
Deputy Commissioners Lahore 1-Sumair Ahmad Syed; 2-Capt (retd) Muhammad Anwar Ul Haq; 3-Saleha Saeed; 4-Danish Afzal; 5-Muddassir Riaz Malik; and 6-Muhammad Umer Sher Chattha
Kasur 1-Saira Omer; 2-Rana Muhammad Arshad; 3-Sahabzadi Wasima Umar; 4-Muhammad Azhar Hayat; 5-Manzar Javed Ali; 6-Asia Gul; and 7-Fayyaz Ahmad Mohal
Sheikhupura 1-Arqam Tariq; 2-Muhammad Azhar Hayat; 3-Tariq Mahmood Bukhari; 4-Sidrah Unis; 5-Muhammad Asghar; and 6-Rana Shakeel Aslam
Nankana Sahib 1-Malik Abdul Waheed; 2-Raja Mansoor Ahmad; 3-Mossawer Ahmed Khan; and 4-Zahid Pervez
Okara 1-Irshad Ahmad; 2-Rizwan Nazir; 3-Marryam Khan; 4-Usman Ali; 5-Aamir Aqiq Khan; and 6 Muhammad Ali Ijaz
Gujranwala 1-Umar Jahangir; 2-Muhammad Shoaib Tariq Warraich; 3-Manzoor Hussain; 4-Naila Baqir; 6-Lt (retd) Sohail Ashraf; 7-Muhammad Suhail Khawaja; and 8-Danish Afzal
Sialkot 1-Farrukh Naveed; 2-Muhammad Tahir; 3-Syed Bilal Haider; 4-Nasir Mahmood Bashir; 5-Flt Lt (retd) Tahir Farooq; and 6-Flt Lt (Retd) Imran Qureshi
Gujrat 1-Ch Muhammad Ali Randhawa; 2-Tauseef Dilshad Khatana; 3-Dr Khurram Shahzad; 4-Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa; and 5-Dr Khurram Shahzad
Narowal 1-Ali Anan Qamar; 2-Zeeshan Javaid; 3-Dr Muhammad Waheed Asghar Bhatti; 4-Maher Shahid Zaman; 5-Nabila Irfan; and 6-Saba Asghar Ali
Mandi Bahauddin 1-Shaukat Ali; 2-Mehtab Waseem Azhar; 3-Tariq Ali Basra; and 4-Muhammad Shahid
Hafizabad 1-Saleha Saeed; 2-Adnan Arshad Aulakh; 3-Naveed Shahzad; 4-Rana Saleem Ahmad Khan; and 5-Muhammad Asif Raza
Rawalpindi 1-Talat Mahmood; 2-Umar Jahangir; 3-Ch Muhammad Ali Randhawa; 4-Sardar Saif Ullah Dogar; 5-Capt (retd) Muhammad Anwar Ul Haq; 6-Muhammad Ali; and 7-Flt Lt (Retd) Tahir Farooq
Jhelum 1-Iqbal Hussain; 2-Capt (retd) Abdul Sattar; 3-Muhammad Jahanzeb Awan; 4-Muhammad Suhail Khawaja; 5-Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa; 6-Rao Pervaiz Akhtar; and 7-Nouman Hafeez
Attock 1 Flt Lt (retd) Imran Qureshi; 2-Ishrat Ullah Khan Niazi; 3-Ali Anan Qamar; 4-Imran Hamid Sheikh; and 5-Muhammad Naeem
Chakwal 1-Ghulam Saghir Shahid; 2-Capt (retd) Abdul Sattar; and 3-Capt (retd) Bilal Hasham
Sargodha 1-Liaqat Ali Chatha; 2-Muzaffar Khan; 3-Silwat Saeed; 4-Asia Gul; 5-Abdullah Nayyar Sheikh; 6-Naila Baqir; and 7-Muhammad Asghar
Khushab 1-Amjad Bashir; 2-Nadeem Abbas Bhangoo; 3-Muhammad Arshad Manzoor; 4-Musarrat Jabeen; 5-Muhammad Hamza Salick; and 6-Capt (retd) Aurangzaib Haider Khan
Mianwali 1-Shozeb Saeed; 2-Zahid Iqbal Awan; 3-Lt (Retd) Muhammad Shoaib Khan Jadoon; 4-Nasir Mahmood Bashir; 5-Muhammad Umer Sher Chattha; and 6-Khurram Shahzad
Bhakkar 1-Syed Bilal Haider; 2-Waqas Rashid; 3-Asif Ali Farrukh; 4-Musa Raza; Hamid Mahmood Malhi; and 5-Imran Hamid Sheikh
Faisalabad 1-Salman Ghani; 2-Sardar Saif Ullah Dogar; 3-Muhammad Ali; and 4-Ali Shahzad
Toba Tek Singh 1-Mian Ahmad Khawar Shahzad; 2-Mian Mohsin Rasheed; 3-Amina Munir; and 4-Umer Javed
Jhang 1-Shaukat Ali; 2-Muhammad Tahir; 3-Fayyaz Ahmad Mohal; and 4-Shahid Abbas
Multan 1-Muddassir Riaz Malik; 2-Muhammad Abdul Aamer Khattak; and 3-Aamir Karim Khan
Khanewal 1-Ashfaq Ahmad; 2-Agha Zaheer Abbas Sherazi; and 3-Salman Khan.