Embassy of Pakistan organizes meeting of top hoteliers of Saudi Arabia with Special Assistant to Prime Minister Mr. Jawad Sohrab Malik.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – A group of Pakistani hoteliers visited the Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh and held a meeting with Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Mr. Jawad Sohrab Malik and Ambassador of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia. The meeting was also attended by Pakistani delegation accompanying SAPM and officers of the Pakistan Embassy.

The hoteliers, who represent some of the top hotels in Saudi Arabia, exchanged ideas with Mr. Malik about the rapidly growing hospitality industry in the Kingdom and the skills required to meet the demand for qualified professionals. Mr. Malik assured the hoteliers of the full cooperation of the Government of Pakistan in promoting Pakistani talent in the Saudi Arabian hospitality sector.

The hoteliers expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Government of Pakistan in supporting the Pakistani diaspora in Saudi Arabia. They also commended the Embassy of Pakistan for its role in facilitating ties between Pakistani businesses and their Saudi counterparts.


TN Media News