Shahid Afridi Refutes Allegations of Influence in Shaheen Afridi’s T20 Captaincy Appointment.

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan:
On November 15th, Pakistan’s premier fast bowler, Shaheen Shah Afridi, was appointed as the T20 captain for the national side following Babar Azam’s resignation from the role.

Several fans asserted that the decision was influenced by Shahid Afridi, Shaheen’s father-in-law. However, the former Pakistan cricketer, Shahid Afridi, has vehemently denied all allegations, stating that he did not advocate for Shaheen to become the national captain.

Afridi clarified in an interview on a local news channel, saying, “I have always been in favor of Mohammad Rizwan. I swear, I never discussed making Shaheen the captain, nor did I lobby for it. I am not involved in these matters. I don’t have to be, and I don’t like it either.”

Afridi’s remarks indicate that he was supporting the retention of Babar Azam as captain and distancing Shaheen Afridi from the leadership role.

“I expressed that Babar should not be removed from the captaincy. I wanted to keep Shaheen away from the captaincy. These situations unfold, and this is what happens to the captain in the end,” he added.


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