LQ Official Kit/Jersey/Shirt 2023

by: TN Media News:
The colours of the Qalandar’s first season kit were red and black. A redesigned kit consisting of Black and Green was released for the second season. Since the third season, the colour of the Lahore Qalandars kit is only green. At the bottom left of the shirt, a Sufi is performing the famous Sufi whirling.

However, there are two Lahore Qalandars Kits for PSL 2023, one is green as always with few improvements and the second is totally a new Kit with red and black colours. Fans are in love with the LQ Kit 2023. In ‘away matches,’ the red-coloured kit will be used while the green-coloured kit will be worn in home matches.

Qalandars Meaning: Qalandar is a Persian language word that is used to represent Sufis and Saints. The word Qalandar means “a rough, uncouth man”. Lahore Qalandars use this word in their name to highlight the Sufi culture of Lahore.



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