Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Commences Inaugural Official Visit to Jeddah, Fostering Stronger Bilateral Relations

By: Syed Mussarat Khalil, special correspondent.
Jeddah-Pakistan’s newly appointed representative to Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Ahmed Farooq, has embarked on his inaugural official visit to Jeddah.

According to the press release from Syed Hamza Salim Gilani the press consular at consulate general of Pakistan Jeddah that the Ambassador Ahmed Farooq held productive meetings with officers from the Consulate in Jeddah, focusing on fostering cooperation in consular matters during his visit.

Furthermore, he engaged in insightful discussions with representatives of the Kashmir Committee (KC) Jeddah and the Jammu & Kashmir Community Overseas (JKCO). These discussions aimed at gaining valuable insights into the concerns and aspirations of the Kashmiri community residing in Jeddah, as well as addressing the ongoing situation in the region.

In addition, the ambassador interacted with Pakistani ethnic media based in Jeddah, exploring avenues for collaboration and cooperation. This collaboration seeks to showcase the positive aspects of the Pakistan-Saudi Arabia bilateral relationship. Ambassador Farooq also attentively addressed the welfare and concerns of the Pakistani diaspora, fostering a sense of community and solidarity.

Expressing gratitude for Saudi Arabia’s consistent support to Pakistan, Ambassador Farooq commended the positive role played by the Saudi leadership, including King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, in fostering unity within the Muslim Ummah community and promoting global peace. He further emphasized that the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is multifaceted, and expressed confidence in the continued prosperity of bilateral ties between the two nations, contributing to their mutual interests.

Prior to his visit to Jeddah the Ambassador participated in the Kaaba Washing ceremony on special invitation of Saudi Government.

In the question answer session with the media the Ambassador replied satisfactorily answer to solve several community issues. Regarding the cooperation in the development of Cricket in the Kingdom he said soon he will meet with the head of Saudi Arabian Cricket federation (SACF) and discuss about the cooperation in the different department of Cricket.


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