RCA offer condolences to RCA Media Manager Rustum Ali.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil.
Riyadh-CEO of Riyadh Cricket Association (RCA) Mohammed Nadeem Babar and members of the Executive Committee have offered their deepest condolences and sincere sympathy to Rustum Ali on the death of his elder brother and asked Almighty Allah for his mercy and forgiveness.

Rustam Ali is an Executive Committee member and Media manager of RCA. His brother passed away in Pakistan recently.
On this sad news, Nadeem Babar also requested prayers from all members that May Allah forgive the deceased and grant him a high place in Paradise. Also, May Allah grants patience to his family and relatives.  Aameen ya Rabbul Alaameen.

Remember RCA is the largest cricket association is Saudi Arabia and Rustum Ali was responsible for coverage of all week match reports and huge other RCA activities promptly in the media. RCA have 91 registered clubs and 14 grounds.

RCA established in 1980, is also among the pioneers of cricket in Saudi Arabia. RCA is affiliated with the Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation (SACF) now.

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