Sang-e-Mah: A Story Of Revenge

“Atif Aslam is a breath of fresh – his fans were eagerly waiting to see him perform on television,” writes Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

His fans hold that Atif Aslam has been proving his mettle time and again as a singer, gaining national and international fame. And now, his performance as Hilmand Khan in the drama series Sang-e-Mah is showing his serious side as an actor. His facial expressions and vocal intonations make his character look strong – and seeing his character planning to avenge the murder of his father was nothing short of a surprise. Directed by Saif Hassan, the drama series is being aired on HUM TV. Momina Duraid is the Executive Producer. Other cast members include Nauman Ijaz, who plays the role of Haji Marjaan Khan, Hilman’s step-father, and Samiya Mumtaz, who plays Zarsanga, mother of Hilmand and second wife of Haji Marjaan Khan.

The narrative of Sang-e-Mah also brings to fore the practice of Ghag. This is when a man declares his wish to marry a woman. At times, Ghag is done as an act of revenge from the girl’s family by taking possession of the girl. Sheherzaad, played by Kubra Khan, a journalist covering this practice, comes to Laspeeran. She is investigating more about the practice of Ghag. It is interesting to see the chemistry between Sheherzaad and Hilmand that is blooming. The consequences of this affair could change the lives of both the characters drastically.

Nauman Ijaz’s son Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz also performs in this serial as Hikmat Khan, who is the stepbrother of Hilmand Khan. Hikmat Khan and Gul Meena (Hania Aamir) are interested in each other. Time will tell in which direction their lives take them. Gul Meena is the daughter of Zarghuna (Sania Saeed), who is the widow of Asad Ullah Khan – father of Hilmand Khan.

The drama series is getting interesting with each passing episode as characters develop and their intentions are being revealed. One must wonder as to what will be the future of Hilmand and Sheherzaad’s relationship. Will Gul Meena and Hikmat Khan live happily ever after?

The drama series has brought to the fore the acting prowess of legends including Nauman Ijaz and Sania Saeed. It, however, has also shown that Atif Aslam and Kubra Khan can perform their roles by adding their respective vibe and charm.

The dialogues are well-written. However, it is how they are delivered that makes an impact. Nauman Ijaz and Sania Saeed have impeccably delivered their dialogues. Their facial expressions, eye movements, vocal intonations, body language, and overall camera presence are too good. Atif Aslam is a breath of fresh – his fans were eagerly waiting to see him perform on television.

Sang-e-Mah is the prequel to Sang-e-Mar Mar that was also directed by Saif Hassan and was aired on HUM TV from September 2016 to March 2017. It revolved around the lives of childhood friends Shireen (Kubra Khan) and Aurang (Mikaal Zulfiqar). Sang-e-Marr Marr also began with the death of a character. Gulistan (Nauman Ejaz) killed his aged father Baran Khan (Qazi Wajid) upon his request – an act that had repercussions on the family. Sang-e-Mah’s title song is performed by Atif Aslam himself. The song is composed by Sahir Ali Bagga while the lyrics are written by Fatima Najeeb.

The drama series is likely to take twists and turns in the episodes where the characters will reveal their intentions and secrets will be exposed.

Sang-e-Mah highlights the traditions and culture of the tribal regions as portrayed by the wardrobe, lifestyle and language. Indeed, the drama will keep gaining popularity because of the many loose ends that the characters need to tie. The climax is yet to arrive.

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