A literary Session along with sumptuous dinner was held on 6th of June, 2022 in the honor of Mr. Ijaz Nasir

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq
A literary Session along with sumptuous dinner was held on 6th of June, 2022 in the honor of Mr. Ijaz Nasir. Mr. Azeem Adil Sheikh has always been a tremendous host and leaves no stone unturned in the hospitality. Mr. Ijaz Nasir is Founder & President of Pakistan’s Best Selling Business Magazine, Manager Today and CEO Leading Edge OD & Training Consultancy, Author of bestselling book 100 Business Leaders of Pakistan

Ijaz Nisar is a very well known and welcome figure within the circles of the movers and shakers of Pakistan’s diverse and productive economy. But, much like every successful individual in the world – each name has a story behind it. From humble beginnings, Ijaz is now regarded as an “Inspirational Guru” – and for good reason. He is responsible for having trained more than 50,000 productive and respectable professionals in Pakistan within the last decade.

His Human Resource Development Consultancy Leading Edge has redefined the level of excellence, which can be achieved given sufficient mentoring, training and guidance. Don’t take our word for it; Mega-Giants like The Pakistan State Bank, MCB, Tetrapak Pakistan, Nestle, NIPA, Pepsi, Coca Cola, NBP, HBL, Faysal Bank, Bank Alfalah and UBL (among many others) bring him in on a regular basis to talk to and train their staff.

But the story doesn’t end there; Ijaz is of the view that professionals should not just be guided after they have entered their field of profession; the process of inculcating professional values should start at the source. For this reason, he actively engages with students and is a visiting faculty member at several prestigious business schools throughout Pakistan.

His pet project, Manager Today Magazine, is an effort to bridge the gap between those who are trying and those who have succeeded. It is his hope that by learning from the experiences – the trials and tribulations – of individuals who have risen to the top, others will find ways, avenues and means to do the same. Ijaz’s recent book 100 Business Leaders of Pakistan launches carrying interviews of the successful Pakistani entrepreneurs; academicians and managers are another feather in his cap. His books are building a good image of Pakistan at the international level at these testing times.

In this evening many dignitaries and accomplished people of this city and country joined this colorful literature night. Following individuals graced the night;
Mr. Rafiq sb – Director ISI Sindh
Dr. Zulfiqar Siyal
Mr. Barqat Siddiqui – Renown Director & Producer of Pakistani Drama Industry
Dr. Mukhtiyar Ahmed Bhutto – Medico Social ,Civil Activist, Professional Sexiologist
Mr. Ijaz Nasir – founder & president of CEO Club and Cafe Khudi
Mr. Hameed Bhutto – TV Anchor, Analyst, Writer, Director, Producer & Journalist
Col (R) Rizwan T.I (M) Chairman APSS Think Tank Group, DigeTech Pakistan, Exe. Advisor to Mustaqeem Industries and core member of various Think Tank Groups.
Mr. Iqbal – COO One Security Pvt Ltd
Mr. Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid – GM SCM Haulers, COO Air Born Security Services Pvt Ltd, Chief Editor – Editorial & Commentary TN Media News, members of various Think Tanks Groups & Associations
Mr. Ali Sher Jakhrani – DIG South Zone
Mr. Bashir Jagirani – Senior Officer in Sindh Anti Corruption Department
this dinner was also graced by P.A to VC KU, Senior Officer from Sindh Auqaf Department and last but none the least Mr. Azeem Adil Sheikh the great.

Mr. Ijaz Nasir sb graced the night with his high intellectual questions related to our society and surroundings, which were answered by all the honorable people present in the dinner party.

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