Posted by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq
Pakistan is seeing new dawn after having been tipped to be free from the clutches of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) for over four years. This would not only unhook the economic stranglehold on us but also, more importantly, magnify and elevate our credibility internationally.

IK and Hammad Azhar deserve credit and must be given. However, this writing is aimed to inch-perfect the wire-pullers that actually made it possible for a hop from grey to white.

Most of us do not know that almost impossible conditions imposed by the FATF body have been handled by a Cell in GHQ duly supported by our ISI. They have worked 24/7 to make us stand where we are today. Unfortunately, they are chastised, reproved and reproached for every inadequacy, inconsistency and discrepancy; whether, of any concern to them or not. Their most domains bind them to be silent and resultantly their offerings and donative efforts remain unacknowledged.

Apportioning blame is elementary, while credence realisation needs a bigger heart. Unfortunately, despite having delivered and sacrificed the most as compared to other contemporary Armies of the world, particularly in the last two decades or so, we as a nation have been highly inordinate to upholding Army’s contributions.

Apropos, honest recognition is deserved to be given to Gen Bajwa who steered the GHQ Cell and made it possible; And also, ex DG ISI Chief, Lt. Gen Faiz Hameed who helped us through it, particularly in the backdrop where Indians did their best to get us blacklisted.

A sense of ownness is always calming.       Long live Pakistan.

by: Brig Muhammad Naeem Sarwar (Retd)

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