“Jeddah Shines with ‘Colors of Friendship’ Event: Strengthening Ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia”

By: Syed Mussarat Khalil Special correspondence.
Jeddah-The Consulate General of Pakistan in Jeddah organized a cultural event titled “Colors of Friendship: Pakistan and Saudi Arabia” to foster friendship and enhance cultural ties between the two countries.

As per press release from Syed Hamza Salim Gilani, press consular at consulate general Pakistan Jeddah, this event took place at the Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section (PISJES) and featured a lively exhibition of artistic creations that highlighted the values of peace and friendship.

Graced by distinguished guests, including Mr. Abdul Khaliq Al-Zahrani, Director General of the Ministry of Media in the Jeddah region, who was the Chief Guest, the event highlighted the significance of cultural art in fostering peace and harmony.

In his welcome remarks, Consul General Khalid Majid expressed his admiration for the dedication of the Saudi leadership, HM King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, towards promoting cultural exchange. Mr. Abdul Khaliq Zahrani emphasized the deep-rooted friendship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, highlighting the genuine warmth and mutual respect that exists between the two nations.

As a symbol of unity, the cultural celebration commenced with the national anthems of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The event encompassed a range of activities aimed at nurturing an atmosphere of harmony and friendship.

The evening’s highlight was an exquisite exhibition showcasing paintings by talented artists from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi artists represented Art Harmony, an art group led by renowned curator Khalid Aqil. Each artwork was meticulously curated to showcase its full potential, captivating the audience with its visual appeal.

The event’s grandeur was elevated by the exclusive presence of two renowned Pakistani artists, Mohammad Arif Khan and Mohammad Zubair, who had travelled all the way from Pakistan. They had the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents and share their creative visions with the audience.

Music played a pivotal role in fostering cultural connections throughout the event. Singing artists from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, including Farhan Tabassum, who travelled especially from Pakistan for this event, Naeem Sindhi, local Pakistani expat, mesmerized the audience with their enchanting performances, complemented by skilled musicians. The guitar was expertly played by Farhan Amin

This successful cultural celebration brought together individuals from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, creating a sense of harmony and friendship that transcended boundaries. Through art and culture, the event demonstrated the power to promote peace and unity.

Distinguished diplomats, members of the Pakistani diaspora, and representatives from various ethnic and Saudi media outlets gathered to witness and participate in this significant occasion. The event held great importance as it formed an essential part of the Pakistan Independence Day-14th August celebrations.