Aziz Hashmi International (AHI) as first Company introducing Smart Alkaline Water System in Pakistan.

AHI and PEF held a Seminar (Health Lecture) for JPSC Gujrat
Aziz Hashmi International (AHI) was the first Company to introduce Smart Alkaline Water System in Pakistan with join hands and supported by the Honorable Mr. Munir Ahmad Shad President of the Pakistani Executive Forum (PEF). This seminar was held in Jinnah Public School and College Gujrat (JPSC), this arrangement was supported by an honourable Principle (Mr. Zaheer Ahmed Jan). As a Company AHI and PEF selected JPSC due to their high-standard teaching system, discipline, and well-educated professional teachers.

AHI motto is “Every person’s Life should be Healthy” and Ishtiaq Aziz Hashmi (President) of AHI said, Water is the main cause of human body decreases in Pakistan, he said the human body has kept 70% to 80% of water inside the body, if we can drink unhealthy water it will affect our body organs, and body getting sickness in deferent criteria like; Kidney Stone, High blood pressure, high sugar, joints pain, Headache, bone weakness, Skin problems, organs age decreasing, diarrhoea, fever and many more problems affecting our body. Now talk about what we are introducing, its international Healthy Water System (IHWS) Smart Alkaline Water machines.

These machines are very costly in European Countries and USA, so only highly Rich people can afford to get this water to drink, here is we had started our research and after a long time of work on this technology, we had made a very low-cost smart Alkaline Water machines with the help of Korean Company and technology. It’s a mixture of Pakistan and Korean Technology.

R.O water introduction: producing 6.5 to 7.8 pH (Potential hydrogen), +200 to +500 plus TDS (Total Dissolve Solids) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) 100 to 300 Plus. This is not good for human health, it’s only purely natural water.

Alkaline water introduction: producing 8.0 to 11.0 pH (Potential hydrogen), +10 to +50 plus TDS (Total Dissolve Solids) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) -100 to -300 Minus. This is very good for human health, it’s maintaining the human body organs’ pH also, it’s very light water, its molecules entering easily into the blood and reducing the thickness of the blood which can control blood pressure and sugar. He also said that Alkaline water reduces the ageing process of human body organs, that a reason Japan, Korea, China, the USA, and Europe are using Alkaline water and getting increased their average age limits up to 90 years. and in Pakistan, we are facing problems due to drinking water and our average age limit are 63 to 68 years.

He also said, how we control the cost to reach the pocket of every person, we had worked on the design, metering system, Filtration system, and size of the machines, so now we are bringing in Bottle Size Smart Alkaline water (IHWS-p8), Jug size smart Alkaline water (IHWS-p10), Smart R.O. + Alkaline water Machine (IHWS-p9), Smart Dispenser R.O + Alkaline water Machine (IHWS-p11), Smart Alkaline Machine (IHWS-p13). 

The Lecture began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Mr. Khalid Wahid Shah Sahib (Plumbing In-charge of AHI) performed the recitation. A total of 75 people attended this event, which includes 62 ladies.

Mr. Ishtiaq Aziz Hashmi (President-AHI) in his welcome address lauded the role of management for uncompromising commitment and organizational framework that helped AHI achieve its goals. He also praised the role of the Alkaline project execution to listen to the PEF President (Mr. Munir Ahmad Shad) ‘s advice and following the AHI Alkaline water IHWS system. Mr. Hashmi later provided a short recap of water data resources and the chronology of IHWS technology evolution and goal achievement. The audience applauded the AHI’s achievement as on first Alkaline healthy water provider and statistics of other European countries and strong drinking water field team skills and experience.

Mr. Zaheer Ahmed Jan (Principle – JPSC) congratulated Ishtiaq Aziz Hashmi on the successful event and reaffirmed his commitment to Smart Alkaline Water and confidence in AHI’s future. He advised about the future Alkaline Water challenges when AHI is going into international markets like Gulf Countries. The role of IHWS was acknowledged when AHI Regional Office In-charge (Madam Razia Nadeem) has given Best Performance with M. Arham Hashmi (Country Coordinator) and his team support.

In the end, the cross-functional team who were involved in the organizing of this event were given special thanks by Ishtiaq Aziz Hashmi and praised the role of the AHI and JPSC team who looked after and organized the event.


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