Conducting a safety seminar in Haveli Lakha to protect LESCO personnel from accidents.

by: Ahmad Sajid Haveli Lakha.
A safety seminar was organized for the promotion of safety culture in Haveli Lakha, LESCO Additional Chief Engineer Nadeem Malik Circle Okara Exion LESCO Deepalpur Engineer Shahdaqbal Malik.

The seminar was chaired by SDO LESCO Bhuman Shah Sub Division Maqbool Ahmed Tabsum Ghori addressed the meeting of Maqbool Ahmed Ghori Divisional Chairman Mohammad Yar Vice Chairman Jamshed Farooqi in their joint statement said that LESCO employees are our arms and hands and WAPDA officials are always trying to prevent accidents. Safety is first for rescue.

He said that the safety policy of the department and any practical or emergency situation can never be a justification for endangering anyone’s life. KSDO Ali Raza also urged the LESCO personnel to ensure safety measures.


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