Mian Sajid throws Ramadan party in honor of PML (N) followers and guests to celebrate PM Shahbaz victory

Group photo of guests cheer up to the victory of Premier Shahbaz Sharif on Friday in Riyadh.

By Arshad Raza Bureau Chief.
RIYADH: In the blessed month of Ramadan, where the blessings of Allah, the Exalted, increase, and for those who are fasting, the iftar and suhoor parties are at their peak. In this context, a well-known businessman and a leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Riyadh, Mian Sajid Ali organized an iftar dinner to celebrate the victory of Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif as the 23rd premier of Pakistan and in honour of the members of the PML (N) and other dignitaries of his circle of friends.

“Ramadan not only teaches us patience and endurance but it is an exercise in our moral and spiritual training,” said Mian Sajid in his welcoming remarks to the guests.

Religious scholar and the owner of the city’s famous Dar-Us-Salam Publications, Maulana Abdul Malik grabbed the attention of the audience with his soul-searching speech, said: “The blessed month of Ramadan encourages us to walk in piety and abstinence.

Only by forgiving each other’s mistakes, we can reach the true spirit of Ramadan.” The eloquent Abdul Malik quoted Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (PUBH), saying: “Ramadan teaches us to love and brotherhood and we shouldn’t forget our poor relatives in the time of their hardships and give them top priority while offering alms and zakat.”

Khalid Akram Rana, president PML (N), Riyadh,

On his part, Khalid Akram Rana, president of PML (N), Riyadh, recalled to the guests that “Ramadan is a month to increase enlightenment, spirituality, rewards and acceptance of prayers while keeping in view of the virtues of this blessed month, we should all make special arrangement for worship so as to please Allah Almighty Who accepts our good deeds and forgive our sins.”

Among the guests were Mian Majid Ali, Rana Abdul Rauf, Chaudhry Ikram, Mujahid Nadeem Ramay, media coordinator, PML (N) Saudi Arabia, especially came from Jeddah to attend the celebration, Sardar Shoaib, heart specialist Dr Assad Ullah Rumi, Raja Yaqub, GM Malik, Amanat Ali Mughal, Mirza Munir Baig and the members of the PDM (an alliance of political parties in Pakistan).

To make the event more enlightening, Abdul Malik Mujahid, who is also an author of books, presented his book titled “WALDEN” (Parents) to Mian Sajid Ali as a token of respect and honour. The event was concluded with special prayers for the entire Muslim Ummah, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan while the guests expressed their gratitude and thanked the host Mian Sajid Ali for organizing such a beautiful and spiritual event. Rana Abdul Rauf recited the Surah from the Holy Qur’an to begin the function.