Celebrating Heritage and Craftsmanship: Kouzoupis S.A. Debuts at ZAH Creative Hub, Riyadh.

Founded in 1947 by Mr. Antonios Kouzoupis in Constantinople, the legacy of Kouzoupis S.A. has transcended generations, embodying the rich tradition of Greek jewellery craftsmanship. The company’s humble beginnings as a goldsmith’s workshop have transformed it into a symbol of excellence in the jewellery industry, while remaining rooted in family tradition.

Mission: Kouzoupis S.A. is committed to preserving and transmitting the ancient Greek jewellery tradition, which traces back 6,000 years, to future generations. With a mission to surpass artistic boundaries, the company strives to create unique handmade pieces of art that resonate with its customers, fostering close relationships along the way.

By combining the richness of past traditions with contemporary aesthetics, Kouzoupis S.A. aims to produce high-quality jewellery that stands the test of time with a distinct character and style.

Our Jewellery: Crafted with 18k white or yellow gold and adorned with quality precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, every piece of Kouzoupis S.A. jewellery is a testament to the unparalleled skill of experienced artisans and designers, accompanied by a written guarantee, ensuring its authenticity and excellence.

Exhibitions: With a reputation for dynamic production and high-quality standards, Kouzoupis S.A. has showcased its creations at prestigious exhibitions worldwide, including New York, Las Vegas, Munich, Frankfurt, Madrid, Basel, and Istanbul. The company continues to engage in Greek exhibitions, both locally and internationally, to promote its exceptional craftsmanship on a global stage.

Exports: Recognized for its exclusive designs and consistent quality, Kouzoupis S.A. has garnered a loyal following of jewellery enthusiasts across Europe and America. As the company looks to expand its export activities, it aims to establish a presence in the Arab countries, further enriching its global reach.

Special Activities: In a testament to its creativity and innovation, Kouzoupis S.A. designed and produced a complete collection of unique and collectible jewels for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Among these designs was the iconic Olive Coronel, symbolizing the spirit of the Olympic Games.

Awards: The Athens Gold & Silversmiths Association honored the firm’s founder, Mr. Antonios Kouzoupis, for his dedication to preserving the Greek jewellery tradition. Additionally, the company has received accolades for its participation in international jewelry exhibitions, including the prestigious “Kosmima” in Thessalonica.

About ZAH Creative Hub: ZAH is a tech-based platform dedicated to show casing international jewelry designers. ZAH strives to be a leader in Saudi Arabia, the MENA region, and globally for providing outstanding artwork while empowering inspiring jewelry designers, reflecting their culture and style.

Organized collaboratively by Ms. Clea Nasr, Head of the Marketing Department at ZAH and Mr. Antonios Kouzoupis, Head of the Sales Department at Kouzoupis, the event is set to be a remarkable experience.

Discover the allure of Greek heritage with Kouzoupis S.A. at ZAH Creative Hub, Riyadh.


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