Sachin Tendulkar lauds Mohammad Rizwan’s batting acumen

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sports News Pakistan:
Indian cricket maestro, Sachin Tendulkar, extolled Mohammad Rizwan for his distinctive batting technique, calling him a master of strategic gameplay against his opponents.

During his commentary stint in the recently-concluded World Cup match between India and Pakistan, Tendulkar underscored Rizwan’s potency at the crease. He highlighted Rizwan’s unconventional batting approach and how it consistently keeps the opposition guessing.

“Mohammad Rizwan is a treat to watch. He’s not just efficient but also brings unpredictability to his game. Over time, I’ve witnessed him craft vital innings. What makes him stand out is how he toys with the fielders’ placements and plays psychological games with the bowlers,” observed Tendulkar.

Rizwan was on the verge of a half-century, scoring 49 before being dismissed by Jasprit Bumrah, contributing to Pakistan’s total of 191. A fifty in this match would have equaled the 48-year-old record set by former captain Majid Khan. Khan achieved three consecutive half-centuries in his inaugural World Cup in 1975.

Having scored impressive 68 and 131* in his first two World Cup matches, Rizwan was tantalizingly close to emulating this historic achievement.


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