Due to inflation, many individuals are now favoring shopping centers over malls Javed Khan.

Abdul Rahim Khan Ghouri: Our goal is to introduce such clothing to the people of Karachi that would benefit both the general public and specific individuals. Irfan Ali

KARACHI: The trend to rapidly establish shopping centers in Pakistan has gained momentum, with numerous malls continuing to grace the city of Karachi. These centers offer of shopping options, making it accessible for the general public to purchase their favorite attire at reasonable prices. One of the pioneers in this movement, Haroon Shopping Center, was founded by the generous family, with the intent to provide ease of shopping and affordability to the masses.

Javed Khan, the visionary behind Haroon Shopping Center, expressed his views on the occasion of the inauguration of their latest outlet, “Khushi Bridal” and fashion show. He observed that the shopping centers have welcomed individuals from all strata of society – the upper, middle, and lower classes, as well as skilled workers of well-to-do households. Rising inflation has prompted many to shift their focus from traditional markets to shopping centers, making Haroon Shopping Center a hub that adheres to the best practices of shopping.

CEO Irfan Ali of Khushi Bridal said, “Our goal is to introduce clothing lines that resonate with the people of Karachi. We strive to benefit the general populace, even during inflationary times, and enhance the shopping experience for the working class. Our establishment boasts the latest local fashion trends and commercial initiatives, built upon strong foundations, now available for our city residents.”

In light of the prevailing challenges of inflation and unemployment in our nation, the decision to launch Haroon Shopping Center was spurred by the desire to provide a comfortable shopping experience for everyone, including the well-off individuals who can now shop conveniently. Distinguished figures such as educational expert Shafiq Khan, educationist Anam Saqib, renowned event organizer Mohammad Asim Khan, and others were present to share their perspectives.

The grand opening of Khushi Bridal was graced by the presence of renowned artists Haneef Raja and Mehek Noor, who captivated the attendees with their artistry. At the conclusion of the event, models showcased exquisite attire, leaving an indelible mark on the audience through their catwalk and modeling.


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