IMAGINE – Institute of Futures Studies at Iqra University Hosts Groundbreaking Webinars on the Future of Education and AI.

by: Abdul Rahim Khan Ghouri Karachi:
The IMAGINE Institute of Futures Studies at Iqra University recently hosted two groundbreaking webinars, bringing together visionary faculty members and industry experts to discuss the future of education and AI.

Leading faculty members from 11 prominent Pakistani universities including Iqra University, University of Karachi, ZSABIST, Ziauddin University, IOBM, Habib University, IBA Sukkur, Federal Urdu University, Notre Dame Institute of Education, Metropolitan University Karachi, and Aga Khan University participated in this webinar aimed at exploring the impact of AI on higher education in Pakistan and the importance of ethical considerations in its development and use.

The session was opened by Professor Dr. Shams Hamid of Iqra University, who proposed forming a consortium of higher education institutions to develop an Ethical Framework for AI in Education and Research, with the goal of promoting human values and dignity, and preventing harm and misuse. Dr. Shahida Jabbar, Vice Chancellor of Metropolitan University Karachi, emphasized the importance of universities working with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to develop a policy for the use of AI in education.

Dr. Shah Jamal, Associate Professor at Habib University, emphasized the importance of collaboration among academics and educators, saying, “We need forums to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges and concerns arising from the increasing use of AI in education.” Dr. Syeda Rakhshanda Kaukab, Associate Professor at Ziauddin University, emphasized the need to empower students and faculty to use AI for the greater good. Dr. Sajid Ali, Associate Professor & Director of Research at AKU-IED, spoke about the need for higher education institutions to embrace innovation and use AI as a tool to enhance human intelligence in teaching and assessment practices.

The second hybrid webinar, “GPT-3: Imagine Navigating the Human-AI Future,” explored the advancements of AI and the significance of GPT-3 in shaping the future. The speakers discussed the potential of GPT-3 across various fields and the need for responsible AI development to ensure that AI serves humanity and does not have unintended consequences. The webinars provided a platform for productive discussions and brainstorming on the potential of AI in education and the future.

The participants engaged in lively debates and discussions on the ethical considerations and challenges posed by the integration of AI in education and society. IMAGINE Institute of Futures Studies at Iqra University is at the forefront of futurist thinking and research. These webinars were part of its ongoing commitment to promoting cutting-edge research and fostering innovative thinking on pressing issues.


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