The Press release held at Karachi Art Council for Drama Serial ” Geebat “.

Karachi (Showbiz Reporter) Renowned director Younis Memon is considered to be one of the great personalities of the Karachi stage. He has been associated with showbiz for more than 50 years as a director.

With a long list of dramas to look forward to, Yunus Memon is now coming up with another new purposeful improvisational drama “Gheebat” and surely this is not only a good news for those who watch good and quality dramas, but it is also the year 2023 for them.

A wonderful gift is also the drama Ghaibat directed by Yunus Memon and written by the well-known writer Zulfiqar Sarwar Jafri Zulfiqar Sarwar Jafri is considered one of the writers of purposeful and refined scripts.

Karim Bhojani is the producer of this play. Says, “It is my fortune to be a part of this play and I am very happy to play with a good director and his team.” Director Younis Memon says that he always I have been trying to present good quality improvisational dramas and I have been successful in this effort Choosing a good script has been my first priority.

The script of drama Ghaibat is very powerful. Rehearsal is taking place daily in which the entire cast is participating. The cast of the drama includes famous actors Aslam Sheikh, Shahida Malik, Ruf Alam, Nasira Noor, Sapna Ghazal, Sameera Ali, Shehla Moeed, Shehbaz Sanam, Talha Bhojani, Irma. Ahmed, Faiza Malik, Hussain Rathore, Tawfiq Ahmed, Rameez Raja, Abdullah Lala, Shabbir Bhatti, Bobby Kamal, Zahida Noor, Hasan Jan Warsi, Ali Zafar, Rao ¿ Saleem, Honey Khan Tariq Guddu, Ali Hasan Warsi, and Zulfikar Jafari featured. Younis Memon, under his leadership, is looking to rehearse the artists as well as encourage these artists. will be presented.


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