Khadija Malik organized an event on World diabetes month.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil, TN Media News, Correspondent.
Jeddah-International Coordinator and well-known ladies social worker Khadija Malik organized a wonderful Diabetic awareness program in collaboration with WA hotel in Jeddah on the occasion of World Diabetes Month. At the event, Dr. Iram Khan and Chef Shagufa delivered speeches on promoting awareness, education and prevention of Diabetes.

Dr. Iram Khan highlighted various preventive measures to prevent diabetes. She said that world Diabetes Month is an annual event each November to boost awareness about the risk factors, symptoms, and types of diabetes. She said that excessive thirst, heel pain, early fatigue, rapid weight loss, and constant headache, slow wound healing, are all early diabetes symptoms. If any individual experiences them or symptoms are found, he consults his doctor and gets tests for diabetes. She thanked Khadija Malik for organizing this auspicious event.

Chef Shagufa also addressed the event and said that today we need to improve our diet – the main reason for the rise in diabetes is the changes in our daily life in which we eat high-calorie foods. , having negative thoughts, being stressed, and letting negative thoughts dominate. She further said that avoid oily things, consume vegetables daily, and make it mandatory to use fish in your diet.

At the end of the program, Khadija Malik thanked the WA hotel Director of operation and sales distinguished guests and the media representatives. Certificates of thanks and appreciation from the WA Hotel Administration were also distributed to the volunteers at the event.


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