28th Sakinan-e-Sheher-Quaid Mushaira.

by: Abdul Rahim Karachi:
Our aim is to transform Karachi into a cradle of peace, and our first effort is to increase the splendour of the city through literary and cultural activities.

This will turn Karachi into a city of lights once again, according to Mahmood Ahmad Khan, the chief coordinator of the 28th World Mushaira organized by Sakinan Sheher Quaid. He extended an invitation to Commissioner Karachi Iqbal Memon to participate in the Mushaira with a delegation of 5 people.

The foundation of this Mushaira was laid in 1989, and the tradition continues today. Commissioner Karachi Iqbal Memon mentioned that the government has helped promote literary activities in the city, thanks to the tradition of holding international Mushaira in Karachi.

The Karachi administration values poetry and literature activities, and they will provide all possible support for the success of the International Mushaira organized by the residents of Sheher Quaid. Provision of facilities and special security measures will be taken.

The Mushaira will be held on the night of February 25, and this will be the 28th international Mushaira organized by the residents of the city. In addition to the meeting with the Commissioner of Karachi, the Chief of Residents of Shahr Quaid, Coordinator Mehmood Ahmed Khan, Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Farooqui, Farhan-ur Rehman, Khalid Shamsi, and Syed Tarab Shah were also present.

Overall, the Karachi administration is committed to promoting cultural and literary activities in the city and ensuring the success of events like the international Mushaira.


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