Ministry of Religious Affairs has established its MCO in Mina.

By: Syed Mussarat Khalil:
Mina-The Ministry of Religious Affairs has established its Main Control Office (MCO) in Mina. This office has been established with the primary aim of providing comprehensive assistance and facilitation to the pilgrims.

To ensure the smooth flow of information and communication, an Information Cell has been set up within the MCO.

Additionally, a dedicated Lost and Found Cell has been established to help pilgrims retrieve any misplaced belongings.

Monitoring Cell has been put in place to closely monitor and address any potential issues of the private Pilgrims.

Furthermore, various other specialized units, such as a Wheelchair Desk, have been established to cater to the specific needs of different groups of pilgrims.

The establishment of these facilities reflects the ministry’s commitment to enhancing the pilgrimage experience and providing a comfortable and hassle-free environment for all Pakistani pilgrims.


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