No-trust motion: Efforts to strengthen democracy will go in vain if matters escalate, says Sheikh Rasheed

ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Thursday suggested that “matters [related to the political confrontation between the government and the Opposition] shouldn’t be escalated further, otherwise, all the efforts made [to strengthen democracy] will go to waste.” Rasheed’s comment came as the political temperature in the country rises ahead of the vote on the no-confidence motion, which has been tabled by the Opposition to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Talking to journalists, Rasheed said there will be a holiday in Rawalpindi on March 21, adding that the Opposition will “lose against the government in the ongoing political fight.” He went on to criticize PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif, saying that “he has revealed his true face by talking about forming a national government” adding that he will also talk about “forming a technocrat government.”

Rasheed also said that he has been “enjoying” his ministry for the last three years, adding that if he hesitates taking decisions during tough times, his political career would be useless, adding that he will make an announcement on March 25. Rasheed further said that the MNAs have the right to vote for or against the government and “no one will face any obstacles in the National Assembly.”

Claiming that around 12 MNAs have been staying at the Sindh House, Rasheed said that “people who sell themselves for the sake of their benefit will never succeed.” The minister also said that he is standing beside Imran Khan “like a rock,” adding that he hopes to see all the allies supporting the government on the day of the no-confidence motion.

Around 24 PTI MNAs staying in Sindh House: Raja Riaz
On the other hand, PTI’s disgruntled member of the National Assembly Raja Riaz claimed that around 24 PTI members have been staying in the Sindh House right now. He further said that many other ministers are ready to come here. Riaz said that if PM Imran Khan assures all MNAs that no action will be taken against those who decided to vote against him on the day of the no-confidence motion, they are ready to go back to the Parliament Lodges.


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