WhatsApp to introduce 3 ‘important’ features soon

The meta-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp is launching three “important features”, WABetainfo reported after social media giant Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp’s CEO Will Cathcart confirmed the development.

Sharing screenshots of the chat, the WhatsApp news tracker reported that the developers are working on a feature to keep chat and messages more private as they believe that the most important interaction people have is around private messaging.

According to the details, Zuckerberg also confirmed that a disappearing mode is coming to WhatsApp that “automatically enables ephemeral messages in new chat threads.”
WABetainfo further added that the American media magnate confirmed that ‘View Once’ will be rolled out soon, so the recipient can only open photos and videos once before they disappear from the chat.

“Will Cathcart confirmed that multi-device will be rolled out in a public beta within two months,” the platform reported, adding that:
WhatsApp on iPad might be supported after a multi-device is rolled out
It will consider opening the beta up to some more iOS users soon
Users will be connected to up to four linked devices using the multi-device.

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