Pakistani Executive Forum Karachi Chapter General Body Meeting.

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq
Pakistani Executive Forum (PEF) Karachi Chapter conducted General Body Meeting at Air Born Security Services Pvt Ltd office on 19th August 2022 at 1900Hrs.

All Members took time from their busy schedules to attend the session. The session was Presided by Mr. Abu Baqar President of PEF Karachi Chapter and Moderated, administered and organized by Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid General Secretary PEF Karachi Chapter.
The agenda of the Meeting was to discuss the following points;

  1. Members role discussion
  2. Role assignments progress sharing

The meeting started with an explanation of the agenda and cause of calling the meeting by Ch. Muhammad Natiq (General Secretary PEF Karachi Chapter) and Mr. Ghulam Sarwa (Head of Agriculture).

All members were asked about the problems and difficulties (if) they are facing in terms of roles and fulfilling assignments. Mr. Babar Head of Renewal Energy asked some very valid questions such as;

  1. What forum expect from the appointment holder and how to achieve it?
  2. What is the purpose of the general body?

Ch. Muhammad Natiq and Mr. Ghulam Sarwar explained all the members above mentioned queries.
In the second phase of the meeting following points were highlighted and discussed;

  1. Pen down Profile with Vision and Mission of Pakistani Executive Forum
  2. PEF Slogan and Tagline will be created
  3. New Comprehensive Google Forum will be created for member’s database
  4. All members are comfortable with their responsibilities and appointments
  • Talha Head of Events will switch responsibilities with Mr. Irfan Sherwani
  • Sarfraz Head of Social Media will take assistance for artworks from Mr. Saad Tamimi Head of Entrepreneurs and Startups
  1. PEF registration as a Registered Entity
  2. Members who are not joining in GB (Gilgit Baltistan) delegation can share their ideas or products will be pitched in the meetings in GB and get contacts/contracts for said members.

The above points were discussed and tasked to be completed with President and General Secretary. This General Body will work on a quote “One for All and All for One” bases.

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