Be careful before it’s too late

The author of the article Dr Muhmmad Riaz Choudhry lives in Virginia, USA,
The rapidly growing political polarization in Pakistan has now become a form of intolerance in all of our lives and relationships. In a civilized society, politics is means of solving issues and problems a common man faces in daily life but unfortunately in Pakistan, it is being utilized to widen division and divide hearts. If politics that creates hatred among the groups of thoughts, brings distances, in whatever circumstances, is not politics. The standard of communication has fallen to such an extent that there is no such thing exist as mutual respect. The way to communicate among serious friends is seen to be deteriorating and a state of surprise and sadness is prevailing in the society.

Hundreds of friends and acquaintances have infiltrated each other on social media. Is it appropriate for us to be in a bad situation because of a situation in which we are not directly involved? We must make the lives of ordinary people like us easier and see them laughing. Follow the path of religion, lest religion and faith be lost because of the leaders. Follow them but not adore them. Understand the difference between truth and falsehood, do not impose your opinion on anyone and refrain from spreading hearsay. Islam directs us to do research first.

Don’t be a part of the rumour mongers, these self-interested lies, pictures, videos and posts are spreading in the society on us through our blind imitation, due to which we are reaching zero tolerance. Want to become a good member of the society “CULTIVATE LOVE AND DON’T SOW THE SEEDS OF DISCORD”. Let’s pledge not to let the wind of circumstances affect us. We will continue to hold each other’s hands. We will continue to be a nation, we will continue to have a dialogue with mutual respect, and we will continue to move forward.

May Allah guide us to the true path.