APSS (All Pakistan Security and Safety) association arranged a get together to share views on current situation of Pakistan.

APSS (Association of Professionals in Security & Safety) is a think tank organization that focuses on the security and safety concerns of Pakistan. It comprises intellectuals, veterans, and Security & Safety Experts from Pakistan.
On 17th April 2022, the APSS core committee organized an Iftar Dinner for its members and their families. The event was organized at Countryside chalet (Karachi). Mr Adil Sheikh, APSS core committee senior member and owner of the venue hosted the event along with the core committee. Excellent coordination and management were observed by APSS General Secretary Mr Muhammad Iqbal.
All members were invited with their families. The event and venue were family interactive; free discount coupons for branded clothing were distributed among members and their families by APSS member Mr Sarfaraz Khan and gift packs were distributed by AL MEEZAN Investment Pvt Ltd.
PTI Sindh Assembly Leader of the Opposition Mr Haleem Adil Shaikh was a guest of the owner of the event and graced with his presence and shared his views on the current political situation of Pakistan. He also requested the APSS organization to advise him on the current situation and threats related to the current political situation of our beloved country. On behalf of APSS, the Chairman of APSS Association Col Rizwan delivered his speech and presented several noteworthy points to Chief Guest and all members. Mr Haleem Adil Sheikh invited the APSS team to come to Sindh Assembly chambers for advice and discussions.

Mr Hussen Thebo a young and vibrant personality hosted the event with his anchor skills, he is a news anchor at a renowned TV Channel. He played the best role of anchor and analyst and enlightened the evening with his Charming good self.
Senior veteran members of the group expressed their points and 0verall, discussions were aimed at Pakistan’s Nation Building and Alliance! “Pakistan above everything”
Also, Pakistani Executive Forum (PEF) Karachi Chapter members joined the event and said good words about APSS’s successful event.