HungerStation and Snapchat Launch Groundbreaking AR Treasure Hunt Across Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 14 May 2024: In an unprecedented collaboration, Hunger Station and Snapchat have launched the first and largest Geo Treasure Hunt across Saudi Arabia and globally. This immersive augmented reality (AR) experience, known as the Great AR Hunger Hunt, leverages Snap’s geofenced AR objects technology within a lens, marking a significant milestone in interactive digital moments.

Hunger Station, Saudi Arabia’s leading food delivery app, unveiled its new brand identity in early 2024. The rebranding has sparked widespread interest across the Kingdom, setting the stage for this innovative partnership with Snapchat. The collaboration aims to connect with the youth and deliver memorable marketing experiences that resonate deeply with consumers.

The AR treasure hunt on Snapchat offers a real-life experience coupled with exciting game challenges. Over 9 million players are expected to participate, engaging with HungerStation’s new brand character in interactive digital experiences. The Great AR Hunger Hunt can be enjoyed in Riyadh and Jeddah, blending digital and physical worlds through location-based AR technology.

“Celebrating our rebranding with Snapchat marks a significant step in our journey of creativity and innovation. Through this partnership, we’re not just delivering food, but also delivering unforgettable digital experiences to our users,” said Mohammed Jifri, CMO of Hunger Station.

Abdulla Alhammadi, Regional Business Lead for KSA at Snap Inc., added, “We’re delighted to announce the launch of our exciting new experience, and are proud to be partnering with Hunger Station for the first sponsored treasure hunt on the platform. Using Snap’s pioneering AR geofenced technology, we have developed a local-first game that can be enjoyed by Snap chatters across the Kingdom. We continue to develop our technology to bring new experiences to our loyal user base, and look forward to seeing the competition in action.”

To participate, Snap chatters need to search for and collect HungerStation’s new branded boxes hidden around city maps to gain points. The AR map appears on Snapchat when users turn their phones downward, providing a familiar Snap Maps experience with an exciting twist. For those not based in Jeddah or Riyadh, a non-location minigame version is available, allowing eager Snap chatters to collect points in their surroundings.

Ahmad Chatila, Director of Brand and Communication at Hunger Station, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, stating, “Hunger Station has continuously been at the forefront of innovation. Through this partnership, we’re set to achieve another groundbreaking milestone in marketing technology and Augmented Reality, with this first-of-its-kind global initiative.”

This collaboration between Hunger Station and Snapchat not only satisfies the appetite for food but also feeds the desire for technological exploration, creating a unique and immersive experience for users.

Scan the Snap code to play:

This initiative demonstrates Hunger Station’s commitment to innovation and engagement, setting a new standard for interactive marketing experiences. With the successful launch of the Great AR Hunger Hunt, both Hunger Station and Snapchat are paving the way for future collaborations in the digital realm.


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