Two Pakistan women mountaineers set eyes to summit K2” 29 June 2022

Contributed by Ms. Maryam Raza, Head of Women’s Executive Network, TN Media News.
Pakistan’s two female mountaineers have set their eyes on doing something which no other Pakistani woman has done so far – scaling the world’s second-highest mountain K2 at 8,611m. K2 is considered to be one of the most difficult peaks to scale and there are less than 10 women who have successfully summited this mountain.

This year two Pakistani women climbers – Samina Baig and Naila Kiani – have set their eyes on reaching the top of K2. Samina, who in 2013 became the first Pakistani woman to climb Everest, has already reached the K2 basecamp from Skardu and will move to Camp 1 in a day or two.

Her summit is expected to be completed by the third week of July but it will be depending on weather conditions at the mountain. She made two attempts – in 2015 and 2021 – to summit K2 but accidents and weather conditions forced her to abort her expedition then.

Naila, who now lives in Dubai with family, has also arrived in Pakistan on Thursday night and will move to Skardu on Saturday before trekking to the K2 base camp. Kiani was the first Pakistani woman to climb 8,035m Gasherbrum II, which also made her the first-ever Pakistani woman to climb an 8,000 inside Pakistan.

Originally published on DAILY TIMES, Reproduced for TN MEDIA NEWS.

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