The lions of throne, but mice of battlefield.

A short rant by Ejaz Hussain, London.
Nawaz, Shehbaz, Asif Zardari and their cronies are often lambasted by the media and the public, and rightly so—they are Hannibals in power but Zhanghuai eunuchs in battle. During IK’s 44-month rule top PPP and PMLN leaders were frequently seen on crutches, with walking sticks, backaches and multiple health issues—to avoid incarceration and imprisonments; but the moment they grabbed power they acted like roaring circus tigers.

The PTI leaders have humiliated and condemned them on TV talk shows, every now and then. But now, one of PTI’s loudmouths—Shehbaz Gill— is behaving like a eunuch, begging to remain in hospital rather than prison. His images in a wheelchair, on oxygen support and breathing convulsively—reflect his real strength.

It’s easy to express balderdash louder, but you need guts to stand by. It reminds me of late Nawabzada Nasrullah Sb—who refused to accept blankets in Attock Fort, during the coldest/wet nights of December 1979-80, when he was in political incarceration.
And Nawabzada Sb never slandered state institutions—he was a soft-spoken politician.

I don’t know what Shehbaz Gill Sb studied/taught in the US, but he is exposing himself in an ignominious fashion. Equally shameful of Dr Shirin Mazari—she is an academic/teacher. She must have a better selection of words while expressing resentment and displeasure against institutions.

Maula Ali (AS) rightly said—“man is hidden behind his tongue”.

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