GISPP: Global Information Security Society for Professionals of Pakistan.

GISPP is a Conscientious Global Group of Pakistani information security Professionals Working Worldwide. GISPP was founded in 2016 by Shahzad Subhani along with a few other Pakistani Information Security professionals living and working in Saudi Arabia.
GISPP stands for Global Information Security Society for Professionals of Pakistan. GISPP is actively present on different social connectivity platforms including Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and largely Whatsapp. As of now, GISPP has members from 18 countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. If you are a Pakistani and working in the Information security field anywhere in the world, you are welcome to join by using the Join us link.

Vision Statement
To be a leading cyber security platform to make Pakistan and the rest of the world a safe cyber space and continue earning a distinctive reputation for Pakistani Cyber Security Professionals worldwide.

Knowledge Sharing: Develop a culture of knowledge seeking and sharing by engaging and educating information security aspirants.
Diverse Forum: Provide a diverse forum for the exchange of views and experiences on Information Security.
Expand IT Industry: Promote expansion of the Information Security Industry at all levels.
Network of Professionals: Offer professional networking, collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform.
Job Placement: Help GISPP members and member organizations in finding suitable jobs or skilled employees.
Promote Open Source: Promote Open Source Technologies usage for Information Security, wherever possible.
Promote indigenous Development: Promote indigenous development in Information Security
Best Interest of Community: Advise and influence policymakers for the best interest of the community at large.
Bring Communities Together: Bridge the gap between local and international Initiatives & communities.
Educational and Training Programs: Initiate a wide range of educational, training, mentoring and career counselling initiatives related to Information Security.

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