Umrahme announces a strong start to Ramadan with a record number of bookings

The leading Umrah booking platform showcased 80% growth in business during the first half of Ramadan, led by the success of its ‘direct to pilgrims’ booking service

Dubai, UAE – 19 April 2022: In a very successful start to Ramadan, Umrahme, the leading Umrah booking platform globally, recorded a strong growth of 80% during the first 15 days of Ramadan.

Following the launch of its direct to consumer service and customised Umrah packages, the company observed a massive surge in bookings. This led the company to reach the historic milestone of surpassing bookings for 3.5 million pilgrims globally since its inception in 2019. The unprecedented growth is a reflection of Umrahme clinching the coveted award for the Best Online Agent for Hajj & Umrah Pilgrims by the World Hajj & Umrah Care Foundation (The WHUC Foundation).

“We expect a strong finish to the current Umrah season with the largest share of bookings. At the start of Ramadan, Umrahme also became the first company to launch B2C Umrah packages which is why we could outperform the industry average by a huge margin and showcased multi-fold expansion. We are particularly delighted to see that our investments towards our product have yielded positive results in a short time,” said Mohammed M.S Binmahfouz, Founder and CEO, Umrahme.

The Umrah industry continues to experience strong activity and growth since the removal of travel restrictions in February. Along with the overall industry growth, pilgrims’ booking patterns have also witnessed a shift. Pilgrims now prefer to have the flexibility to design their own custom itineraries including the selection of hotels to stay in. This is in stark contrast to the traditional booking process where pilgrims had to book through local Umrah agents with very limited customisation options.

Umrahme’s B2C service, offering customised packages to pilgrims globally including flights, hotels, airport transfers, and visas witnessed tremendous growth. During the first 15 days of Ramadan, the company issued visas for over 27 nationalities in just under 4 hours. The majority of these visas were issued for pilgrims from across the MENA region (55%), followed by the subcontinent (33%). Umrahme also became the first booking engine to issue most visas with the highest contribution in the industry.
“Umrahme intends to continue to enhance the Umrah experience for pilgrims from the start of their journey to the end. With consistent focus on premium service quality, Umrahme remains at the forefront of the religious travel sector.”

“In addition, to our B2C service, we are exploring new and better ways to enrich a pilgrims experience by providing them a glimpse of Arabia with local tourism packages, also focusing on accessibility with the integration of fintech solutions in compliance with Sharia” highlighted Mohammed M.S Binmahfouz.
He added further, “We look forward to building on these unprecedented results and strengthening our ties with key players in the industry to further bolster our leadership position.”