Oasis Toastmasters club celebrated graduation ceremony of Youth leadership program 2022

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Report by: Javeria Asad TN Media Dammam.
The event was planned to acknowledge young leaders who joined the program on 10th September and developed their communication and leadership skills throughout the journey. The venue was embellished with beautiful decor and props to enhance the festivity of the event.  The ceremony was started by SAA YL Mustafa followed by President’s address YL Mujtaba who explained the theme of the event “Readers are Leaders”. Minutes of the meeting of the seventh session were declared by YL Usman.

Later YL Tuba as captain of the ship conducted the whole show gracefully.  The Grammarian of the event was YL Areesha who passionately shared the word of the day “ZEALOUS” with her cute prop. The timing was maintained by YL Zaid with much accuracy. In Prepared Speech Session- Group A Speakers were YL Varshini, YL Zaeem, YL Sultan and, YL Mustafa and in Prepared Speech Session- Group B speakers were,  YL Humaid, YL Amana, YL Usman and YL Romania.

All the youth leaders were outstanding to deliver their speeches. Table topic sessions were beautifully presented by YL Ayan and speakers were YL Arham, YL Humaid, YL Muntaha, YL Mujtaba, YL Mustafa and YL Amana.  The general evaluation session was incredibly done by the champion speaker mentor and president of OASIS TMC, DTM Nazeer.  TM Suinta invited all the dignitaries who joined the session to share their valuable feedback. It was a wonderful session graced by CGD 70 DTM Shekar Tiwari, Division J Director DTM Azhar Farooq, Area director32 TM Suresh and remarkable speaker and leader DTM Fettah Ennayal.

To complement the theme there was a Book Exchange program in which every youth leader exchange a book with another youth leader to spread the message of the reading. YL Mujtaba and YL Zuhair presented book reviews of their favourite books.  In the acknowledgement session YL, Muntaha and YL Sahil gave a sweet tribute to all the parents for their distinguished participation in the program. Parents were given gifts to honour their efforts.

DTM Shekar and TM Suresh gave honouring shields to all the mentors and coordinators for their wonderful contributions. Gv Faiz passionately conducted the Graduation ceremony which was the most awaited segment for all youth leaders. They were awarded medals and certificates with gifts. At the end chief coordinator TM Javeria Asad thanked to all the youth leaders, parents, mentors and guests and appreciated their continuous efforts to make this program a success.

Later cake cutting ceremony was done to cherish the moments followed by the scrumptious dinner. It was a vibrant and flashy evening with a delightful and jovial tone and beautiful memories, thoroughly covered by Oasis Toastmasters club member TM Ayesha.

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