Pakistani chef Shagufa organized delicious nosh for celebration.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil Special Correspondent.
Jeddah-The chef of Pakistan, Chef Shagufa, won the hearts of all Pakistanis by competing twice in the Foodex Saudi “The Kingdom chef ” competition and got two (02) medals. 02 bronze by showing her outstanding performance. According to Saudi media personality Ms. Khadija Malik, chef of Pakistan, Chef Shagufa, organized delicious nosh for the celebration of the achievements. Shagufa was very thankful to all her supporters, especially the Pakistani media who cheered her during the competition and brought her work and talent into the limelight.

The exciting affair kicked off with a welcome note by Chef Shagufa. She warmly welcomed Saudi media personality, social worker, and businesswoman Sameera Aziz, Khadija Malik, Ammara Irfan, Sadia Kaleem, Nammo, Qindeel Adnan, Nammo, Fahad Malik, Jahangir Khan, Atif Watto, Imdad Hussain (Pak Media Journalists Forum), Imran Siddiqi, Yahya Ishfaq, Zakah Ullah and Khalid Saroor (Pakban), Ameer Mohammed Khan, Khalid Cheema and Muhammad Adeel (Pakistan Journalists Forum). She expressed her special thanks and gratitude to Saudi businessman Muhammad Al- Garni.

The grand evening was started by Chef Shagufa and her husband sharing beautiful words of encouragement and support for each other. She said her husband’s support and cooperation brought her to a place she never dreamed of. She encouraged Pakistani females to come into the culinary field with a degree certificate so that they can represent their country Pakistan 🇵🇰 well.

The beautiful cake was labelled as #فخرے_پاکستان 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰, was cut by the ladies present. The celebration ended with a tasty and delectable Pakistani cuisine.

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