Parliamentary Committee on National Security gives formal approval and official go-ahead to further pursue talks with the TTP.

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq.
The PCNS committee, headed by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and including the Chief of Army Staff General Bajwa, Federal Ministers, Members of Parliament, provincial Chief Ministers, Prime Minister of AJK, armed forces services chiefs and military/civilian intelligence advisors to the government, also formulated a new Parliamentary Oversight Committee to oversee the negotiations.

The Government says: The committee reiterated that under the constitution of Pakistan, the use of force is the sole prerogative of the state. The Parliamentary Committee also reiterated that the State of Pakistan was, is and will always remain the guardian of those Pakistani civilians and soldiers that have given their lives in the war against terrorism, as well as their families.

The committee was told that the modus operandi of the Pakistan Armed Forces in the war on terror has always been and will remain ‘clear, hold, rebuild and transfer power to civil authorities.

The Committee was told that with the support of the interim Afghan government and led by civilian and military officials, the Pakistani government is negotiating with the banned TTP under the framework of the constitution in the interests of both internal and regional peace. The Government says today’s meeting is an important “first step” in the “National Grand Reconciliation Dialogue” process.

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