Car Racing Sports in Pakistan

My name is Danish Khan, mostly known as TAFO in the Pakistani Racing Community. Professionally started my racing career back in 2007. Won my first autocross race at Jhal Magsi in 2008. Which is one of the most popular events in the racing community that occurs annually. It was a great start and motivation for me to continue and pursue my dream. Shortly after that, I prepared for Magsi Championship in 2010.

My very first sports car was Honda Beat. Then bought and modified Celica 3sgte (4WS), only two cars at that time in Pakistan. It gave a boost to my racing career and gave me a lot of exposure. After that, I also kept two Rx8 for drifting purposes. With time and dedication, I was finally able to buy my dream car, Supra Mk4, the world’s fastest drifting /drag car.

Now Alhamdulilah with constant hard work and dedication, my beast is one of the cleanest Supra in Pakistan. Won many awards and got recognition in the field of drag races and drifting events. I am proud that many people in the racing community look up to me. It’s truly a blessing and a proud moment for me. I believe reveal your passion by making it a companion for your success.


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