PDM Long March Update

by: Col Saqib Malik retd
Pakistan people’s party has decided not to move its workers for PDM long March , no mobilization has been recorded at any location in Islamabad and Rawalpindi Division as well. Prime Minister is scheduled to land at PAF base Rafiqui Shorkot Cantt shortly for onward address to a public gathering in Toba Tek Singh.

Islamabad Situation
a. Interior Ministry has decided to detail 2000 Rangers , 2000 FC & 13000 Other LEAs strength for law and order duty in Islamabad focusing Srinagar Highway.
b. Administration has decided to completely seal Red Zone.
c. Administration has decided to move a Contempt of Court Application against JUI F on base of reports that JUI- F aims to gather its workers at main Srinagar highway.
d. A PTI rally that moved from Gilgit has reached in Islamabad earlier this morning with two other rallies on move separately from Hunza and Sakardu still on way with a length spread of 15/20 Kilometres.
e. Ministry of Interior has established a Control Room for monitoring of situation
f. The Administration has cancelled leaves of Police , District administration staff till further notice.
g. At 1220 Hours 2x Unknown motorcyclists came outside FC Field camp in G-9 Markza Islamabad and managed to escape after doing aerial firing prompting Islamabad Administration to raise alert level in city.

Rawalpindi Situation.
a. JUI F Rawalpindi District group was aimed at gathering at Jamea Islamia Rawalpindi for moving to Hackla in rally shape has cancelled its programs and has advised workers to reach Hakla interchange at their own till 1600 Hours today.
b. PTI has established 2x Camps 1 at Iqbal Par & 2 at Gulzar E Quaid regarding 27/03 Jalsa
c. A control Room has been established in Office of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division.

JUI F Baluchistan Convoys
a. A JUI- F convoy that had stayed last night in outskirts of Xob move to DI Khan with last known position at location Darazanda with estimated strength 5500/6000 people a DIK convoy leady by Molana Lutf Ul Rehman is ready to move with latest known position ahead of Yark Interchange around 1420 Hours awaiting incoming convoy from Xob lead by MPA Khalil Ul Rehman Dammar that is about to approach DIK, Molana Fazal Ul Rehman who was supposed to lead the convoy hasn’t yet appeared.
b. 2x Separate Groups of JUI F workers have departed for DI khan from DG khan and Kot Chatha with collective number of participants as 150/200. A same number of JUI F Workers moved from Kot Qaisrani & Qasba Shaadan to reach DIK.

Sindh Convoys
a. JUI F Sindh Convoy that had approached Faisalabad late last night is expected to resume its move towards Hakla Interchange on Lahore Islamabad Motorway any time.
b. 1st PTI Sindh Convoy lead by Haleem Adil Shaikh has reached to Islamabad.
c. 2nd PTI Sindh Convoy has hired a Pakistan Railway train that moved at 1200 Hours from Karachi Cantonment Railway station on this 26/03/2022 ETA Margallah Railway Station Islamabad at 1145 Hours on 27/03/2022

KPK Convoys
a. A JUI F convoy supposed to move towards Islamabad from Jamea Rubaaniya Parhoti Mardan at 1400 Hours today hasn’t yet departed . No report of departure of any convoy / group from any other area of KPK as yet

Punjab Convoys
a. PML N Long march expected to start its movement towards Islamabad at around 1400 Hours has delayed it move
b. A PML N convoy from Oakra comprising of 70/80 cars has reached Lahore
c. A PMLN Convoy comprising of around 70/80 Cars is on move from Sahiwal to Lahore under leadership of MPA Malik Nadeem Kamran.
d. PMLN local leadership at GT Road locations i.e. Gujranala , Gujrat , Kharian , Jhelum , Gujarkahn has also called workers to gather for welcoming Long March Convoy from Lahore and to join it for march to Islamabad.
e. JUI F Sindh Convoy that had reached Faisalabad and JUI F Lahore city convoy that was supposed to move from Minar E Pakistan Lahore at 1100 Hours hasn’t yet departed.