Sindhi Culture Day marked in Jeddah.

TN Media News Jeddha:
Nations are identified by their culture and language. And they organize events to promote their culture around the world. One such event was organized by the Sindhi people of Pakistan living in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, a coastal city in Saudi Arabia. In which the importance of Ajrak and Topi, a hallmark of Sindhi culture, was highlighted۔

Celebrating Sindhi Culture Ajrak, Topi Day, the Sindhi community expressed their love for the land of Sindh. A large number of Sindhis, belonging to the Sindhi community from different cities of Saudi Arabia, took part and celebrated the event with zeal. Ahmed Ghulam Qadir Jamali, a well-known businessman and social personality, was the guest at the event. Addressing the event, the organizer Ali Bakhsh Lond Baloch, Ehsan Ali Bakhsh, Aamir Ali Bakhsh, Abdul Qadir Baloch, Abu Faris and others said that “The aim of the event is to promote our Sindhi culture while living in abroad.

“We have a great love for Sindh even while living in a foreign country and the distinctive colour and beautiful design of the CAP and AJRAK (shawl) is our culture of Sindh and we are proud of it.” Highlighting the Sindhi culture increases mutual love, understanding and respect as well as bridges the gap among people and promotes an environment of love and affection for future generations, which is the most important need of the hour.

Renowned Pakistani singer Naeem Sindhi was present at the event. He celebrated the ceremony by singing the Sindhi national anthem and songs in the Sindhi language, which made the event lively. A cake-cutting ceremony was held at the end of the event.


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