Shadab Khan Addresses Disappointing World Cup Performance and Calls for Team Improvement.

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan:
Shadab Khan has opened up about his performance in the World Cup, expressing disappointment and acknowledging that he fell short of expectations. After England’s decisive 93-run victory in Kolkata, which knocked Pakistan out of the tournament and left them in fifth place on the 10-nation table, Shadab emphasized the need for Pakistan to adapt their cricketing approach to the demands of the modern game.

Reflecting on his own contribution, Shadab admitted his non-performance had a significant impact on the team’s outcome. In a statement to a local news outlet, he said, “I am also disappointed with myself; I didn’t live up to expectations. I should have performed. I think my non-performance brought the team here. If I had performed as a bowler, the result could have been different.”

Taking a broader view of the team’s performance, Shadab stressed the collective responsibility for the disappointing campaign. He highlighted the need for improvement in both bowling and batting, underlining the importance of aligning their strategies with the dynamics of modern-day cricket.

“We made a lot of mistakes, and there were weaknesses, which is why we got eliminated. We failed in all three areas, but bowlers particularly didn’t perform. In batting, too, we have to play according to modern-day cricket,” he explained.

Concluding his remarks, Shadab acknowledged the team’s overall responsibility for the outcome, stating, “We did not play well as a team. We are all responsible.”


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