Unsung Hero of Pakistan Army in Erstwhile East Pakistan.

by: Ch Muhammad Natiq:
Captain Arjumand Yar Khand Shaheed Ex 15 FF December 15, 1971.
Here’s a narration of his brave fight and ultimate martyrdom, by Brigadier Mehboob Qadir:
“Captain Arjumand Yar Khand was a young and very handsome, rather feminine officer from an infantry unit. He was known as the ‘baby of the battalion’. He was assigned the task of setting up a strong delaying position ahead of this defensive position to cause as much attrition and loss of time on the advancing enemy as possible. This officer and a handful of men held his ground against repeated Indian armour and infantry assaults, hours of air bombing and strafing for nearly three days just as Headquarters Eastern Command was negotiating terms of surrender with Calcutta.
On the third day, Arjumand’s delaying position was overrun after a pitched battle; not a soul returned. That day probably on December 15th, we received orders from Eastern Command to surrender. Brigadier ‘Makhmad’ Hayat refused to obey this order and we fought on for the next three days till literally the last bullet was left in our rifle chambers. We were facing 9 Indian Mountain Division, whose officers told us the story of the incomparable bravery of Arjumand and his men after the war.
During three days of pitched battle, his men were being killed and seriously wounded, and machine guns and anti-tank guns were being knocked out one after the other, but Arjumand and his small force stood fast. On the last day, Arjumand was the only one left in the delaying position. His men were either all killed or seriously wounded. Attacking Sikh infantry surrounded his trench and asked him to surrender, as he was profusely bleeding from his shattered legs that had probably absorbed a direct Mortar shell hit. In dire need of medical aid, he refused. After a lot of persuasions, he finally agreed. With one hand he lifted his weapon and with the other, he was about to lob a hand grenade, when they spotted him and had to kill him.
This fearless young officer died fighting incredibly bravely; so much so that even the enemy was full of praise for him. They had buried him with honour.”
All we know about Captain Arjumand Yar Khand is from the enemy’s mouth as neither he nor any of his men returned from the post to which they were assigned. He was recommended for Nishan-e-Haider, but the tragic end of the war shrouded the story of this hero of the nation, who did his best till the last of his breath for the defence of the motherland.”
My salutes and respects to Captain Arjumand Yar Khand Shaheed of the 15 Frontier Force(MIB) Regiment.