When leaders don’t lead.

by: M Bilal Lakani/ET/Pol/CMR:
Pak has always been a polycrisis state but there was always a dark horse virgin political leader, technocrat or dictator we could irrationally pin our hopes on to become our knight in shining armour. The politicians blame the boys, the boys blame the politicians. The politicians say the boys interfere with our jobs.

The boys say the politicians don’t do their jobs. One politician says the every other politician is corrupt. All the other politicians gang up to tell everyone that this one politician is an incompetent playboy who corrupts our youth. What’s fascinating is all of them want leadership positions but no one wants to lead. The real crisis is one of leadership. What Pakistan needs now is for every leader to step up within their sphere of influence and take responsibility.

And it starts with us, the Pakistani public. We must demand that our vote count and that we’ll only vote for leaders who take responsibility rather than run away from responsibility and blame others. The road to resolving Pak’s polycrisis traverses through leaders actually leading and Pakistani citizens refusing to settle for anything less.*_

As multiple crisis collide a nose diving economy teetering on the brink, intense political deadlock and polarization, rising specter of terrorism — and multiply together in Pakistan today, perhaps the scariest emotions don’t come from the crisis themselves but that we’ve tried out all possible permutations and combinations of saviours and realized none of them work.
If you’re the head of a family or the PM of a country, it’s fair for you to blame external factors for why you might be struggling. Things happen. Life is tough and the boys are rough. We get it. You’re not wrong. But where you are wrong is that after assigning blame, you don’t make any attempt to make things better. You deflect all responsibility versus taking responsibility.
You don’t try to get even the things in your control right. And you don’t struggle to expand your sphere of influence over external factors. And it’s okay if you genuinely don’t have the spine to do it. But then get out of the way and let others lead. Don’t hold the entire country of 220 million people hostage to your cowardice, fear and decision-making paralysis.
We are in an absurd position today where a govt that overthrew another govt midway through their term because they wanted to rescue the economy is now refusing to take any decisions to rescue said economy. They’re instead asking the boys to help them get funding from foreign friends after agitating against the boys interference in civilian domains.
That’s because they blame the boys for a hybrid experiment over the last four years which, according to the PDM, ran the economy to the ground. But that doesn’t explain why they collaborated with the boys to overthrow the last government only to now blame the boys again and refuse to take any decisions. This is a hot mess and would actually be a funny game of musical chairs had the consequences not been so serious and devastating for the livelihoods of ordinary Pakistanis.
Adopted by Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid Defense and Strategic Affairs Analyst, Chief Editor Editorial and Commentary TN Media News.