A brief introduction of Amjad Siddiqui Pakistani Businessman.

An amazing Pakistani, one in millions Amjad Siddiqui, suffering from an incurable severe disability is a self-reliant, strong, hard-working, high-spirited, honest, steadfast and unique patriotic personality who has made Pakistan famous all over the world.

At the age of 22, he came to Saudi Arabia and started working in a bank, he was hit by a car, fractured his leg and after three months of treatment started working again. Later on in 1981, while returning from Madinah after the pilgrimage, his car met with a serious accident, the spinal cord was badly affected, and he was under treatment in different hospitals for 18 months in a struggle for life and death. Dozens of operations were performed but there was no recovery. 90% of his body became completely numb and lifeless, the wheelchair becoming permanent support for him.

After two years of rehabilitation and surgeries, he started working again in a bank in Saudi Arabia, living alone at home with a disability and doing all his own work. He worked hard and won the Best Staff award from the bank.

After two years, he visited 52 countries of the world at his own expense, during which he visited about 1500 research centres and rehabilitation centres. During this time, he received the title of “ONE IN MILLIONS” and met dozens of heads of state. He led multiple parades on Pakistan day in many countries and Emerged as a Celebrity and Ambassador of Peace. He was given honour and fame by the media all over the world.

After returning to Saudi Arabia, he took out not hundreds, but thousands of disabled people from hospitals and made them respectable and skilled citizens of the society. He had dozens of TV interviews, and was covered widely in print media, he participated in sports and won a 22 km marathon against ordinary people. He also participated in a 12 km race and got successful.

He has donated his body for research and to find a cure for paraplegia that millions suffer from. An attempt was made for him to start walking again using an electrical stimulator In 1987 but it failed, he has had more than 30 surgeries until now in which many times it was a matter of life and death, and as a result of them his impotency was cured and he got married. In 1997, Amjad Siddiqui became a father and Later on went to have another child in 2001.

In 1992 for the first time, he walked a few steps with the device Para Walker. He dedicated his body and soul to the treatment of this disease worldwide. Amjad Siddiqi generously helped wherever humanity faced dangers and needed help. In 1990, he worked for the welfare of the people while living in the red zone on the basis of humanity in the Gulf War.

Together with his friends, he established primary health care units along with dialysis centres in all major cities of Pakistan. In spite of the terrible law and order and economical condition of the country in 2008, he started setting up his factory in Pakistan and invested crores of rupees in Pakistan and got businessmen from foreign countries to invest their hard-earned money. He started giving intensive lectures in universities, colleges, government and private institutions.

In 1993, after giving up his job in the bank, he started his own business from scratch, while sitting in his wheelchair and selling towels from shop to shop, and then he started importing from Pakistan. Alhamdulillah, he then started an import and export business from Pakistan, imported millions of tons of rice, and established business offices in different countries.

He has received numerous awards, trophies, shields and honours. He is the first Pakistani to be honoured with the pioneer and talented award. He has travelled by air on 3,300 flights so far. Even today he works 18 hours a day and does all his work himself, his first priority is the welfare of humanity. In the context of his struggle, Amjad Siddiqui has written a unique and motivational book “Dard Ka Safar”, which has received great acceptance from readers.

Translations are being published in Arabic and other important languages, which, God willing, will be released very soon.
Amjad Siddiqui’s entire life is full of thrilling events, experiences, adventures and stories of determination. In his life, there is a high spirit of human compassion, patriotism, love and sincerity. In many countries, he got the offer of citizenship but he did not accept it, he has always had one slogan that is my heart, my life, my glory, my own dear Pakistan. Long live Pakistan.


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