The Future Unleashed: Pakistan Launches World’s First AI TV Talk Show.

by: TN Media News Pakistan:
Pakistan emerged as world’s leader in AI Technology by launching world’s first AI Talk Show with the name of “AI TALK”. The show is hosted by AI Anchor Dr. Kaiser and the show becomes very interesting when two foreigner AI’s and one Pakistani AI joins the show as a guest and analysts.

Dr. Kaiser Rafiq who’s the CEO of Discover Pakistan HD Tv is a visionary leader with eyes on innovations and new technologies.

It was his idea to develop his own human alike AI with more than 700 facial and body movements with the cloning of his own voice. The show was so real that most of the viewers thought there are no AI is in the show but the show reaches to climax when real Dr. Kaiser – the CEO of Discover Pakistan enters the show and talk to his own AI.

Representative of Discover Pakistan stated that this will be a regular show now on Discover Pakistan and it will be a game changer for media industry. He further stated that we are not going to replace human anchors with AI anchors but through this show we want to prove to the world that AI’s are real and already here.

We can use AI’s to increase our productivity and the AI’s can be used to provide education and training at friction of costs. “We would also like to use Artificial intelligence to promote the tourism of Pakistan” – said by Dr Kaiser Rafiq, CEO Discover Pakistan HD TV .


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