Tips of the day for UAE Job Seekers in addition to last two posts

by: Naffar Hussain.
1. Join Job Seekers WhatsApp Groups, participate actively & support others wherever possible.
2. Plan your every day, get ready early in the morning and divide your day into at least three activities: i) Online application ii) Networking iii) Skills development.
3. Write your desired jobs on Google on daily basis and through the tools bar select the timeline of posted jobs like 24 hours then apply to recent ones.
4. Must know about each and every word of your CV and preparation of possible questions that can be asked based on your CV.
5. Mention important information on the front of your CV like expected job role, education, contact details, skills, visa Status and experience.
6. Contact and inform all your friends about your stay in UAE, share your CV and take information from relevant persons.
7. Be patient and have trust in Allah because He has a better plan for everyone so keep trying for a Job till the last day of your stay in UAE.
8. Create a support network of your friends & professionals, share experiences with others and use all channels for job applications.
9. Prepare the interview through YouTube.
10. Write questions of each interview and search for the appropriate answers to questions by reading and discussing with other relevant persons.
11. Always use complete degree name like Chartered Accountant (Finalist) not use CA Finalist.
12. In response to the expected salary question from the interviewer, ask about their budget and then give a range showing flexibility.
13. Download the 2gis app from the Play Store /App Store. It will guide you about all companies in UAE even it will guide you the colour of each office door & it can also work without internet.
14. Send thank you email after the interview by getting a business card during an interview from the interviewer.
15. Keep strong follow-up of interview
16. Call 80060 for any assistance regarding labour laws.
17. Call to Road Transport Authority (RTA) at 8009090 to help with local transport services.
18. Try to stay near to any metro station in Dubai during a visit for easy and convenient movement.

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