The Subversion Threat And The Response !

By Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid Defence and Strategic Affairs Analyst Chief Editor Editorial and Commentary TN Media News

The Subversion Threat And The Response! 1 . Security is a basic pre-requisite for keeping the country intact, progressing and attaining economic relevance. And, Security needs strong Security Institutions, strong enough to maintain peace, tranquillity and a conducive environment for development and affluence in the country. It is a well-known fact that in order to be a capable force, the force requires intrinsic strengths like unity, harmony, discipline, high morale and determination besides the ware-withal and the training, and of course people’s confidence and support. Being in the know of the essentials for any viable Security Force, the inimical forces continue to weaken the intrinsic strengths of the opponent’s army so as to materialise their nefarious designs and to achieve the set objectives.

2 . Watching the Indian media recently, it gave satisfying feelings that the enemy could not achieve her subversion objectives over the last seventy-five years as stated by an Indian defence analyst and acknowledged by the whole of Indian media, the worrying thing is that while admitting the failure in making any dent to the strengths of our Security Forces, the same time the success is sounded to have achieved those unattained objectives of seventy-five years just in last one year with the facilitation by the protesting people from within Pakistan, thus a grave concern for the strengths of our Security Institutions.
3 . This alarming situation calls for immediate identification and apprehension of the black-sheeps who are working for the enemy and carrying out subversive activities and also demands bringing those immature, irresponsible and misguided elements into firm grip who wittingly or unwittingly have become tools of Indian Propaganda and are advancing Indian Agenda by giving fake, false, fabricated / twisted news and spreading rumours to subvert the innocent minds of the target audience in favour of enemy interests, thus causing division, dissension and anarchist trends, which warrant definite counter-subversion measures like –
A . Apprehension of subversive elements to blunt the source and also to deter the potential source of subversive activities.
B . Education of people in general and the youth in particular, on enemy Agenda objectives and propaganda moves so that they take all that as mere propaganda modus operandi as such.
C . Constant update of the rank and file of the army with the current subversive activities/trends so that they are able to pick up enemy moves and remain prepared to counter them.
D . The spread of enemy propaganda should be blocked using the latest technology so that the hostile propaganda does not reach the target audience and they are not affected anyway.
E . Regular alerts and cautions on enemy subversion efforts, should be issued by the media channels so that no one is left complacent about the live and vibrant subversion threat.
4 . The subversive activities should be snubbed at their very nascent stage to nip the evil in the bud before it takes root.