A job fair has been organized in Iqra University for the last ten years as per tradition.

Unemployment is increasing rapidly in our country, Pakistan, due to which Iqra University has taken a good initiative, Dr. Waseem Qazi.

BY: Abdul Rahim Khan Ghouri:
The job fair has been going on at Iqra University for ten years according to traditions. The main objective of this job fair is to provide job opportunities for the better future of the graduating students.

These views were expressed by Vice Chancellor Dr. Waseem Qazi while speaking at the Job Fair 2023 held at Iqra University. He said that more than 700 children participated, more than 600 HR directors, HR heads and board of directors of Pakistan’s small and large public, private sector, international and multinational companies and others participated so that our students can get good and attractive experiences and 5000 There were more than 40,000 to 165,000 jobs to whom the companies will provide better employment.

We told him that our dear country, Pakistan, is currently suffering from economic instability, unemployment is increasing rapidly, and people are not getting jobs, due to which Iqra University has taken a good step.

Like every year, a job fair was organized for female students. Dr. Waseem Qazi said that Iqra University is a high-ranking university and the doors are open for the youth from poor and middle-class families to study at our university.

Our job fair provides an excellent opportunity for employers to connect with talented and motivated students seeking employment and internship opportunities in the fields of Business Administration, Computer Science, Media Sciences, Health Sciences and Others include.

He further said that our graduates are ready to make a positive impact in the workforce and we are confident that they will be a valuable asset to industrialists and businessmen. Our first effort is to continue conducting such job fairs in the future.

At the end of the job fair, Vice Chancellor Dr. Waseem Qazi distributed shields among the participants.


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