New Karachi Sector 5 EUC 8 Faisal has again become a sight of politics due to the ruined sewage system, the residents of the area.

by: Abdul Rahim Ghouri Karachi. XEN Officer and AEE are responsible for the destruction of the sewage system in New Karachi Sector 5E, the residents of the area. In New Karachi Sector 5 EUC 8 Faisal, residents of the area were affected by the mosquitoes created due to the sewage crisis. The number of affected people in the area is more than 150 blocks, and each block consists of 17 to 18 houses, with an average of 4 to 5 people living in each house, including children.

New Karachi Sector 5 EUC 8 Faisal There is a bustling neighbourhood in the heart of Pakistan. Home to thousands of residents, the area has been facing severe sewage problems since last month, which has again seen politics causing widespread suffering and health risks, with dengue, malaria and diarrhoea on the rise in the area. is spreading from which no one is ready to take responsibility.

The reason for this problem is the incompetence of the management, especially XEN and the sub-engineer who is neglecting to maintain the sewage system. The result has been a catastrophic failure of the sewage system, leading to the flooding of streets and houses, and creating a public health crisis.

Proper maintenance of XEN and sub-engineered sewage systems. They are not doing it, due to which the system has overflowed and the streets are filled with the sewage water. Many houses are submerged in sewage water which is not only harmful to health but also dangerous to human health. Stagnant water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease-causing insects.

The smell of sewage has made it difficult for the residents to do their daily work. The negligence of the XEN Officer and Sub-Engineer is not only New Karachi Sector 5 EUC 8 Faisal. Not only is the area causing discomfort and health risks to its residents, but it is again becoming a politicized area, it has also highlighted the wider issue of corruption and mismanagement in administration.

We request the Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah, Local Government Minister Sindh Nasir Hussain Shah, MD Water Board Syed Salahuddin, Commissioner Karachi Iqbal Memon, Assistant Commissioner New Karachi Atta-ul Rehman to issue strict notices against the incompetent administration of New Karachi. Take and stop their salaries from public tax money.


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